Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interview - D.O.R.

D.O.R. is one of the most obscure and underground projects in the Portuguese scene. This one man band has released 3 demos and is about to release two new works... D.O.R. is about death, pain, misanthropy, suffering that exists in this world... and for me is always a pleasure to interview an obscure band leaded by Mortiferus...

Make us a little presentation of D.O.R.

This solo project was created in 2004 with the idea to express myself about death. D.O.R. means for Death Overcomes Reality and stands for the importance of death in our lifes.

How do you describe your sound… and what are the thematic of your music?

Atmospheric, depressive, cold…. Since the beginning, humans have tried to hide the idea that some day will die. There’s always the fear that wherever they go, whatever they do, Death is watching... In a world where year by year, the population increases, some day… someone must die. I also approach matters like suicide, nightmares and fears, suffering, hate, Satan, etc… everything that causes infliction in their existence. I take D.O.R. music in a very personal level.

You have released 3 demos. Can you talk a little about everyone of them and about the evolution since the beginning of the band till now?

The demo-tapes sound like distorted Black Metal, very simplistic and raw.
The first demo “Torture & Pain” was released in 2004 and was very poor, in sound quality and structure. Like every first demo, it’s a chance to create pillars for the future. The second one, “The Essence of Self-Destruction” was brought in early 2005 and with new resources, I could now explore a different perspective that in the time of the first demo was impossible for me. And finally, “Blessed by Unholy Murder” was more close to my idea for the project.
Current days, D.O.R. is more atmospheric, very profound with great Doom influences. Was a long hard journey until the desirable sound emerged after 2 years.

You are preparing two new Blasphemies. Can you tell a little about these two next releases? There are any release dates available?

Shall be released the debut album, “A Journey through the Shadows” by DarkMusic Productions. I recorded it short after the third demo was finished. There is no release date.
The other release will be a split-tape limited to 500 copies with Odium Perpetuum, a solo project of Morbid Dead of Asbath Oculta. Probably in October will be available.

Your work is being well accepted by the headbanger legion?

To be honest, I don’t really care. If someone likes what I do, then just buy a demo. If not, don’t try to waste my time.

Have you done some concerts with the project???

I’ve played with Alastor (Ex-InThyFlesh) in the drums, with Morte Incandescente and Flagellum Dei in Culto Bar last February, but it went very wrong. Few rehearsals, lack of live experience made the show been cancelled in the middle.

Talking about the Portuguese underground scene. What is your opinion about the state of the Portuguese scene?

I rather not to say anything about it. If you are a true fan of the Underground, than support it and respect it.

For you, what’s the meaning of Black Metal…?


What do you plan for the future?

I’m recording new stuff now, probably in 2007 a demo will be released.

Last Words, Hails and Blasphemies to say to the people who read Infernal Dungeons and may be interested in know more about D.O.R.

Support the Underground!
Avé Sathanas!

Website: www.dor.pt.vu
Contact: www.myspace.com/deathovercomesreality


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