Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interview Decayed

Decayed... a living legend in the Portuguese Metal Scene. 16 years has passed but this blasphemers still keeping up at full force. Many releases were made, many stages were steped, so they have many stories to tell about. Now that they are preparing their new album, we enter to talk with JA to know more about it and a little about the story of the band.

16 years of Decayed. Make me the balance of the 16 years of this historical band of the Portuguese Underground Scene

Holy shit! I have no idea man... Metal, we keep on releasing Metal anthems... That’s about it... We had great times and also shitty times, but we're still around.

All along these years you have seen many bands coming and going. But Decayed was always kept alive. Can you tell us the secret ? Or is a band which it's soul will never die ?

I have no idea. I started this whole insanity in 1990 and I just kept on going forward, not matter what... I just never gave up, I think that people give up too easy. I still have ideas for DKD, so I'll keep on releasing stuff, as long that I think that I have something new to put out. But anyway, I think that our soul will never die, even after we die.

For all this years Decayed have released several releases. Do you think that each one is a mark in the band's path ? Which release have marked you most ?

Yes, all they mark a moment in my life and in the life of DKD. Each release had to be released when it was, it could not be otherwise. I think that the album that marked me must was "NOckthurnaal". I have a very strong feeling when I listen to that album and when I play those songs, like "Hell-Witch"... killer song!

Great... and about future releases ??? You have told me that the band is about to put out a few more releases. What can you tell us about that ?

Well, first there should be two split CDs, one with the Italian DARKNESS and the other with my own project THUGNOR. I'm not sure of when they will be released, but I think that still this year. As for the new album, it is ready to be recorded and we expect to do it in December (maybe the 25th? LOL)... But back to the splits, one is new material but with me doing everything, and the other one is a remixed version of the 7"EP "Satanic Blast" and a cover. There's also a 7"EP to be out with 2 old songs sung by the Lady of DRACENA from Sweden, but no dates yet...

About the new album... can you say more about it or you want to keep secret till its out ?

If I wanted it to be a secret I wouldn't be spreading already some rehearsal songs, right? Anyway, some people that have heard it say that it sounds more like the early albums, so, maybe you can have a clue on that? I agree, I think that it sounds more like the 2 first album combined in one.

So it's like a return to Decayed Roots ?

I guess you can say that, we're 4 again, so it’s more input into the songs. Maybe it’s a full circle, I have no idea what it means, and I just know that it is. We'll see what the future holds for DKD...

Your former vocalist has left the band recently. This situation have delayed the work of the band and the preparation of the band ? What can you tell us about this ?

It got a gig cancelled and I really wanted to go to Porto again... But we already have a new vocalist and right now we're rehearsing for 2 gigs, but after that we'll start working on his vocals for the album and then record in December... if anything goes wrong I can always sing...

Now speaking about the Portuguese Metal Scene. Being you a part, and, perhaps the most known band in our underground, what can you tell us about the Underground's evolution, since the early days till now ?

Oh man, I hate these questions... Evolution? Maybe... There are a lot more bands, that’s for sure, but as for evolution I have no idea, I'm not interested in that I'm just interested in the music, everything else I don't give a fuck.

What Black Metal means to you ?

A way of life... simple as that. If you know me, you know what I mean...

Tell us what you expect for the future. What are your future plans?

Keep on releasing good Metal albums and keep on playing everywhere, that is what I want for the future.

And we all would be glad to have Decayed active for many more years

Thanks a lot man... May the Gods read your words...

To finish this very interesting interview, I would like to thank you for the time you have dispended. Say a few last words and hails to the readers of Infernal Dungeons and for all those who want to know more about the band.

Well, if you're interested in NOT your typical Black Metal, give a listen to DKD. I have some material available so feel free to contact me. Thank you for this interview and thanks to those who've read this far. Hail Metal!


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