Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Interview - Fortian Greymorning

Fortian Greymorning is one of the very good Black Metal bands that are spreading blasphemies in Brasil.
They play a depressive and really sad Black Metal full of sorrow and pain. We went to talk with the vocalist Luciferian Darkness Lux Occulta to know a little more about this horde.

Hells!! Tell us a little about Fortian Greymorning.

Fortian Greymorning is a horde from Brazil that unleashes a dark/black metal full of hate, depression, melancholy, depression. We try to bring to music the bitter taste of suicide and disgust. Everything under the shadow of the most sinister cosmic Satanism. In the stage, we also try to summon the dirty darkness. We also support self mutilation and any form to make the human flesh bleed. We are heralds of the fire of vindex, the star gate to the vindex. We don't have anything to do with politics in our art. We are sick minds making symphonies of pain for the ones that creep in the night searching for suffering.

What are your main influences and what are the thematic that you use in your lyrics ?

Our influences come from various styles and artists. From the classical music to the most raw black metal. Talking about my personal influences, the old bethlehem, de mysteriis dom sathanas, xasthur, Deinonychus, silencer are some of the things that inspire me to create.
The lyrics deal with our father Lucifer the morning star, suicide, depression, self mutilation, suffering, pain, desperation, hate, misanthropy, rape, forests, winter, cosmic kaos, secret ritual.....almost everything that we live in our satanic penitence.

You have Unleashed 3 Blasphemies, do you want to talk a little about them ?

During the wanderings trough this decadent dimension we summoned 3 monuments to intolerant arrogance. When I listen to the first and the second in present nights, they don't sound good to my ears, but the third sounds very grim, depressing and represents the shadow of satanas. Soon we'll release an offence called "you must kill yourself'. Where we'll do our best to see your worst.

Can you talk a little about this new Blasphemy ?

It’s almost done and as I said the name will cry “you must kill yourself". It will have songs as: "dracomorphos", "lamentations of the hydra", "the loathsome void of the rotting spirits" will rise in the end of March, I hope so.

How do you see de evolution of the Underground scene on Brazil and Worldwide ?

I'm not very hopeful. I see only numbers, not power; I see only masses of brainless children. Of course with exceptions, some sick and evil minds that rest in the shadows, observing in silence. Waiting the end of this fucking and stupid false black metal type. Those are my allies. And fuck the rest. No one is welcome to my torture chamber.

What do you think that can be done to put an end in this madness ?

Create an own individual scene. Be apart from the circus. Let the worms eat themselves. Let them drown in their own vomit and excrement.

Tell us what you think about politics and religion.

I have my politic visions, but i don't bring them to the sphere of the band. Black metal is all about darkness, evil. It has nothing to do with weak human ideas. Not to be a slave of someone that was made of the same fetid flesh as us. About religion: I believe in only one, the cold steel that caresses skin and flesh, bringing the blood in Lucifer’s honour.

What do you think about these Themes? Misanthropy, Nature, Nihilism and Death.

MISANTHROPY: it has to be used with intelligence. I hate the cliché created by this word, created by some bands that only dream to be really misanthropic. It has to be used with our modern lives with the hate to the "normal" people with our moments of solitude and introspection. i don't know anybody who lives in a cave in the mountains far away from mankind. That’s the utopic misanthropy.

NATURE: my only relief in this stupid world of pain, The sound of the winds, the majestic mountains that surround me, the trees, the full moon of autumnal nights, the fog. Men only shows weakness destroying it, it’s a real shame.

NIHILISM: I see a lot of children claiming that they are nihilists. Have they really experienced the empty, have they crossed the abyss of zax? Have they entered daath? Have they looked in the eyes of choronzon? Stay away from the emptiness, the real nothing, the cold and desolate dimension of nihil.

DEATH: the beginning of the greatest journey. The end of the human shell, the march of the soul to the fire of algol, the shadow of wyrm.

Do you expect to come to Europe to do some concerts ?

Sure! I think that where Fortian Greymorning liberates its rottenness in its most satanic level is in the stage we are a live band. The light of the black candles flows trough the stage in exaltation to the kaos. About Europe, maybe one day we will regurgitate our sinister decadence in the old world. It's a pleasure to me make a nauseating ritual on the stage.

What are your plans for the future ?

Get some new self inflicted scars, try to escape from suicide, carry more lives to the ruin, and promote decadence and vices. Prepare the world to the age of fire, the galactic aeon of the obscure gods. Create more leper in form of music, be one with satanas.

Last Blasphemies for those who read Infernal Dungeons and for those who want to know more about the band.

i hail you all my true allies with the blood and pus that falls from my infected wounds! For the ones that want to contact us and feel the smell of vomit, send words of penitence to:

In the name of shugara, mactoron, sauroctonos, nythra, kthunae, karu samsu and shaitan I bless you all with kaos. May we all touch the pestilence of the wings of lucifer. And an extra homage to infernal dungeons for the infamous support! May us all burn in the gate of algol! AVE!


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