Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Review HWP027 -Evoked Curse "Merciless Revenge"

Band: Evoked Curse
Title: Merciless Revenge
Year: 2006
Label: Hell War Productions

This demo, “Merciless Revenge”, from the Finnish band Evoked Curse is a re-release of the 2004 “Merciless Revenge” demo, with a bonus track called “Hitler the Messiah”, a cover from Angel Reaper.
This band was formed in 1989 but only released their first demo ten years later and they define their sound as Old School Black\Heavy Metal.
Evoked Curse presents us an Old School Satanic Thrash\Black Metal attack in these eleven tracks. The sound has the influence of the Germanic Speed\Thrash Metal scene from the 80’s.
We have fast and furious guitar riffs mixed with some catchy and melodic riffs; we have wrathful vocals spitting hate and blasphemies and excellent drum beats as this kind of sound requires.
If you like bands as Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Tankard, etc… We are sure that you will enjoy this demo.
This is another great release by the Portuguese Underground Label Hell War Productions.


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