Monday, March 12, 2007

Misery Grasp - Interview

Misery Grasp is one of the latest Black Metal bands that have appeared on the Portuguese scene lately. Unleashed from the catacombs of the Unconquered Land of Portugal, this anti-human blasphemic band accepted to talk with Infernal Dungeons to do This interview. These are the words of Sothis, the vocalist of the band.

Who are Misery Grasp ?

Misery Grasp is a project created by me and Maynah Nammah during 2005, after some line up problems, Misery Grasp have a stable line up, me in the vocals and lyrics, and M.D. in the guitars, bass and drum machine

What are your main influences and what are the thematic that you use in your lyrics ?

Bands like DarkThrone, old Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Burzum, old Immortal, Marduk, and some many others had a big influence in our music. Our lyrics are related with Hatred, Darkness, Death and the total annihilation of this pathetic humanity.

When are you thinking on releasing the first demo ?

We are working on it right now, we will start the recording soon, i think that during this spring, our first attack will be unleashed

What can you tell about this first demo ?

it will have four tracks of fast, aggressive and chaotic Black Metal, for now it will be called "Destruction Of Mankind", but nothing is decided yet, we also talked in recording a cover, but it was decided to do it on a future release.

At the beginning you where the drummer of Misery Grasp. Do you expect to return to the drums ?

to be honest, after the change we didn’t talk about it, the things are working very good with me in the vocals and playing with a drum machine, i don’t know if i will ever play drums again in Misery Grasp, like a said before, the things are very good working on this way

So Misery Grasp will never play live, or you’re expecting to do some concerts ?

i would like to play some live gigs with Misery Grasp, but that doesn’t depends only of me, maybe in a near future we could play some gigs

With which bands do you like to play in a possible Misery Grasp first concert ?

There are many bands that i would like to play in a live gig, but if we ever play live, at that time we will see which bands could play with us

What do you think about the actual state of the Portuguese Underground ?

We have a very strong scene, with very good bands and projects. I will not speak in names, they now who they are

What Black Metal means to you ?

Black Metal is much more than just music, for me, is very personal and special, i don’t want to speak much more about it.

What do you think about Politics and Religion ?

I don’t give a shit about that crap, it’s not my cup of tea

Do you think that Human Annihilation is a necessity to end all the problems in the world ?

i think that if all human scum was annihilated, for sure that we have a better world

So if all the Humans disappear (including you, ehehe) the world can be better ?

Yes, why not?

Say your last Blasphemies to the world and for all those o read Infernal Dungeons.

Thanks for the intreview, In Hatred we march to rule in tyranny


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