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Interview - Catacumba

Catacumba is a new promise coming from Brazil. This Brotherhod of evil is recent but shows like they came to stay and to conquer the underground with their awesome sound. They have released their first demo titled “Birkat Ha – Minim A Benção dos Hereges” which i may tell, it was very well recieved, that it's almost sold out. They Will unleash a new blasphemy, a live tape, by Alastor Rex, so then, we went to talk with the vocalist Gordorov Vomit Noise, to know a little more about this horde.

Give to us a little presentation of the Catacumba.

Gordoroth Vomit Noise: Greetings!!! Catacumba started when me and Count Unico del Inferni decided to create a band that symbolizes everything more damned and insane that exists in our minds at that moment and that manage to express our hate and repugnance to this world in the most extreme way: the Black/Death Metal like the monsters of Extreme Metal like Mystifier, Sepultura (Old), Sarcofago, Rotting Christ (old), Dark Throne, Emperor, Kreator, Destruction, Bathory, Hellhammer, Possessed, Death, Morbid Angel, Holocausto and few others.
Everything started whit a meting with my self and Count, Hellfrost (ex-guitar), Scubbus (ex-bass) and Amazarack in order to make some covers the bands that I’ve spoken before. After almost all line up left, I and Count started our own odes to chaos and misery to satisfy, at least satisfy some of our thirst of destruction… So me, the Count and Amazarack invoke other warriors metalheads to start the rehearsal before our first opus "Birkat ha - Minim A Benção dos Hereges". When the sound became compact, dilacerated and like we wanted, we initiate recording, despite being delay due the lake of professionalism of the studio owner (unfortunately very usual in our country).
After the end of the recording we started to diffuse our material to every world and forge our saga with fire and the sword…

Speak to us about your sound and about your main influences.

GVN: Catacumba is a union between 2 big ideas: Metal Music and antidogmatic Ideology. Everything around us, everything we hear, read, feel, speak and do is part of our musical paradigm. Entities like Mystifier, Possessed, Sarcofago, Nietzsche, Marilena Chauí, Kreator, Elaine Pagels, Pitágoras, Ódio, Miguel de Cervantes, Freud were influences to us… everything that might amplify ours visions about reality and about the paradigm of our daily can be mentioned as an influence to us. In fact, how you can realize in ours bootlegs, all the lyrics are written by me and became after all, an extension of my most hatful thoughts… For despair of adepts of restrictive dogmatic…

You guys are a recent band, how have it been your journey until today?

GVN: We’ve been supported by hundreds of brothers head bangers all over the world my friend, and that is very grateful to us. Even having a short trajectory I already can affirm with no doubts that our saga is already marked in the hearts of the maniacs in the most extreme and unify underground movement.

You have already two releases…speak to us about them.

GVN: The repercussion on the demo “Birkat Ha – Minim A Benção dos Hereges” have been the best it can be! In one year we spread over than 900 demos all over the world and we have so far, replies 666% favorable not only in Brazil, but also in other countries!
We have been able to give interviews in several zines/webs like Turbo, Metal Attack (, Temple of Sin, Siam Metal (, Vampire Magazine (, Hell, Esperanto, Thunder God (, Artefactuz, Lys aeon (, Hellhammer, Ceremonial Magazine, Anúbis (, Burning Misery (, Ritual, Dark Gates, Saturn, Osculum Obscenum, Infernal Kingdom and some others that I can’t remember right now.
Our demo is also distributed by several distros like Eterna Aversão, Diabolic Attack, Necromancer Rec. (, Hellspike Records (, Morbid Reasons 666 (, Dying Music (, Alastor Rex Prods. (, Sabbathid Records (, Sangue Impuro Produções (, Intifernal Distro (, Trevas Nascemos Prods, Mountain Distro, Anaites Prods, Diabolic Front, Tenebrarum Prods, Ketzer Records (, Cult Distribuition (, W.A.C. Distro (, Skull Fucking Metal (, Infernal Kaos Prods ( and all that meant to spread our artifact by the dirty ball that we call Earth!
About the title, Birkat Ha – Minim” means exactly “A Benção dos Hereges” and was a term used by the Jews in the early I century. It was created in order to the just converted Christians that insisted in consider them selves as part of the Jews, going to the synagogues that deny them at that time. How to differentiate the Christians of the Jews in that time was almost impossible, so the Jews priests create the “Birkat Ha – Minim”, that was a pray in the Jewish cult that cursed all Christians present at the time and condemn them to the spiritual banishment to all the eternity (logic to them)… So we wanted to show how erroneous and contradictory are the bought races, since they venerate the same god and take the veil of the submission dogmatic! And so like Nietzche made with Zratustra, we invert the “Birkat…” to our values, so we wanted to show our disdain to the fowlers to the inexistent Christ and to all the dogmatic fowlers of any religion! Because we don’t need bow to any identity above our heads our below our feet to reach our goals and we’ll keep it that way until we considerer our selves as free spirits!!!!
The “Live tape 2005” (our second official attack), is a record from our show in II Nocturnal Hordes Devastation, when also played bands like Ocultan, Oligarquia, Paradise in Flames, Wrathorned, Delicta Carnis, Skull, Autumm Flowers, Devourer and Sadistic Gore.
Was a fuck fest promoted by the D’Ávila brothers from the Metal Devastation web zine ( and from Metal Hordes web zine (, where our show was record without our assent. So when we find out we heard it and appreciated a lot, and decided to release it in the cult tape format.
The first showing some interest was the MPA 666 from Nigra Mortis Prods., that gave us a big rip off proving once more that they wasn’t suppose to exist… after that, we assign the mission to our friend Henrique from Alastor Rex Prods (, released in 333 copies.
As our Mexican brother Aerly (Black Empire/ Erishkingal) also shown some interest in the release, it will be also released by his “Satanic Records” above the name “Summoning the Evil Spirits” and with a different layout limited to 666 copies. Tapes maniacs reserve your now!

How has been the acceptance to yours records?

GVN: Like I’ve said before my friend, it has been the best and so we released that the world is full of maniacs like us! ARGH!

About Brazilian underground, what can you tell us about it situation?

GVN: As much people now, the Brazilian underground is very huge, glorious and insane! At all time appears new bands, distros and zines with a proposal and an ideology to pass and that's awesome.
Every one that cross this path searching for “Metal” will find what of more mortal and bloody exists in this kind of music… the only thing missing is best financiers conditions in order to refines even more our insane kind of art!

Witch bands are distinguished in nowadays?

GVN: wardeath, Abantesma, Mesemon Ecrof, Vultos Vociferos, Delicta Carnis, Lord Foul (hailz!), Shedim, Evil Empire, Lord Satanael, Uraeus, I Shit on your Face, Gory Gruesome, Gag on my Cock, Sheitan, Infernal Blood, In Infernal War, Mystifier (Hailz Sakana!), Impetuous Rage, Uraeus, Mephistopholes, Rotting, Shadow Moon, Grave Desecrator, Opus Inferi, Miasthenia, Malkuth, Malefactor, Ave Lúcifer, Arkanus ad Noctum, Funerality, Paradise in Flames, Wrathorned, ,Incredulous, Unholy Mass, Eternal Sacrifice, Expose your Hate, Abate Macabro, Winds Funera, Aborticide, Expulser, Hecate, Pecatorium etc etc...

Describe to us, your vision of Black Metal.

GVN: Not only the Black Metal like all Metal signifies a lot in my life, because I live to Metal e for Metal 24 hours by day and 7 days by week.
That’s the artistic style I chose in order to express my ideas, feelings an all that I can split above this stupid world, and all that in the form of more brutal and insane music of the Planet, the extreme Metal! Being it Black/death or even Thrash… All that I feel I express through this polemic musical ramification and that why I’m on it for the rest of my life, since I don’t stand here to impress no one, but only to satisfies my self and my yearnings.

What is your vision about the religion and politics?

GVN: Two ways to blind people.

What are your plans for the future to Catacumba?

GVN: For shows, usually we don’t make a lot of plans, we are invited, think about it and we accept when we find it adjusted to that moment.
We’re lucky because we have a large group of allies determinate to call us to hateful celebrations and that’s been an honorable opportunity to show our selves in bigger and fucked celebrations with big brothers of Metal! Hailz!
About releases, we had receive a lot of proposals and the only ones, that are 666% granted are the “Live tape 2005” here on Brazil by Alastor Rex Prods and in Mexico by Satanic Records, the split EP with our brothers Gore/Grinders I Shit on your face by the Hole Records and our full-length by Sick Chainsaw Prods from Thailand (that also will release a fucked album version on professional tape).
We’ll start to record new material to these releases after September and I think that the year of 2007 promises a lot of torments to our big enemies and envious…

Last words.

GVN: I thank you, my brother, for the opportunity to do this interview to one more Portuguese publication.
To the maniacs with extreme metal in their souls, keep in touch! It’s a pleasure to us to keep in contact with metalheads dedicated to the movement! Hailz!!!!

Translations by Lady Sorrow


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