Monday, September 18, 2006

Interview - Delicta Carnis

Delicta Carnis is one of the newest great promises from the Brazilian scene. It's a very recent band, but they' re working hard and are achieving many things. They have played with some big names, such as Bestial, Mystifier, Krisiun and Unearthly. They are preparing their new blasphemy to be unleashed at the begining of the cursed year of 2007, so we went to talk with Lord Baphomet to know a little more about Delicta Carnis

Make us a little presentation of Delicta Carnis.

Bestial hails to Infernal Dungeons!! Delicta Carnis is:Abaddon - Guitar, Hellfrost - Guitar, Lord Baphomet - Bass and backing vocals, Vitão Remains-Drums, and Igor d’Ávila-Vocals.

How can you describe your sound and tell us what are your influences and what are the thematic of your lyrics.

I may say that we do a traditional Black/Death Metal, influenced in bands of Thrash, Death and Black Metal from 80’s e 90’s, such as: Morbid Angel, Samael (OLD), Mayhem (OLD), Rotting Christ, Vehemence, Celtic Frost, Slayer (Masters), Pestilence, Carcass, only to say, some of our lyrics are based on Viking mythology, death and all violence that is spread from human being.

You all have passed through many other projects, being playing in some of them. Can you speak about it ?

Me (Lord Baphomet) and Hellfrost played together in a Death\Doom Metal band named Putrefata, since 2004. Vitor and Abaddon played together since time of Abaddon, which later changed the name to Ritus Tenebrum and at the end Delicta Carnis, and Igor came from a Thrash Metal band from his city, named Skull, from Juiz de Fora, estate of Minas Gerais/Brasil. Ritus Tenebrum ended its activities and its members stopped for a while. Then Hellfrost and Vitão decided to create a band and called Abaddon and Igor to enter. The band rehearsed 4 times without bass player. Then they called me to complete this horde. I’ve entered in fourth rehearsal, we have rehearsed 3 times more and done our first presentation at 27Jully 2005, in second festival “Nocturnal Hordes Devastation”, in Juiz de Fora-MG/Brasil, with bands like Oligarquia, Ocultan e Paradise in Flames, where we presented our first demo cd called “Delicta Carnis”.

You have released one demo cd and participated in a compilation. Tell us how people are received your work.

The headbanger people have being receiving our work very well, the demo and the concerts. The gig have being brutal since then. In our first presentation, when we were preparing to start our show many people were buying our demo. We have participated in some shows and festivals at the side of very important bands from the Brazilian and mundial scene.

You have done many concerts with some important bands of the Brazilian metal scene, such as Bestial, Mystifier, Krisiun, Unearthly, and many others. How was the experience of being played with such bands ?

I think that it’s always an excellent experience to play in the stage with other hordes, What ever they are. But talking about that bands you have mentioned, i think that it’s an amazing, because we are big fans of that hordes and we respect them a lot, since

When are you thinking about release some new stuff ?

We are rehearsing new songs to start recording them. We got something like 10 new sounds to record and we expect to release the cd at January of 2007 and then distribute by some distros in order to spread our blasphemy in the better way.

What's your opinion about Underground scene ?

The underground scene nowadays it’s growing, unfortunately every day we see more Opportunists, posers, wannabes nazis and a lot of kids destroying the image of the metal all around the world, crap that deserve to be eliminated from the earth. But we see serious and excellent bands appearing and people who really fights for Metal. We must unite to end all that piece of crap opportunists. Only then we can have a much stronger scene.

In a few words, tell us what you think about Black Metal.

For me, Black Metal is defined as a ideology of life. It’s much more then music, like many people think nowadays. It’s the best representation of the violence of the human race which acts like real demons and each day it spreads is war against the oppression of the Christianity.

Almost all of you have webzines, talk us something about them and tell us how we can access your webzines.

Only Hellfrost(Guitar) and Igor(Vocals) have webzines. Hellfrost is webmaster of metalcapixaba webzine, that as born in 2004 with the initial proposal of giving to know only the bands from our area, but then Hellfrost decided to show Hordes from other states and other countries, being nowadays one of the most visited sites from our state. You can visit it by the address: and the bands can send their material by the e-mail Igor is the webmaster from metaldevastation webzine, being one of the most visited sites of the country. You can visit it by using this URL: The bands can send their materials to: .

What are your plans for the future ?

We expect to unleash our first cd at the beginning of 2007, and maybe do a tour to other parts of Brazil to present our first cd, and maybe do a few concerts in Uruguay with Down of Defiance, but it’s nothing confirmed yet.

Last words and hails to the readers of the Infernal Dungeons and for all those who may want to get in contact with you.

I Thank you for this interview and hope one day to play in Lvsitanian lands and show all our sound devastation to Europeian Headbangers, which live in the best scene of the world. Contact us.


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