Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Interview - Vermen

Vermen is one recent band emerged from the catacombs of Lvsitania. This obscure band wishes to spread the unholy black flame through all vicious minds who dedicate their feelings and life to Black Metal. They Have unleashed their first blasphemy called "The end of Mankind" and are about to unleash some more Unholy kaos to possess your minds. We went to talk with L. I. and M.v.K, to know more about this kaotic pit of possessed souls called Vermen.
Tell us a little about Vermen

M.v.K » Vermen as started in 2004, but only at the beginning of 2005 really starting to work, this project was made in a conversation with Infaustum, and we've decided to make something chaotic and outside of the standard black metal, we arise with the "The End of Mankind" demo through Stricto Sensu Rekords (my own label) limited to 100 hand numbered copies, the final result was what we really want , a dirty sound and fucking chaotic morbid atmosphere...

About your sound… Describe us your sound and tell us what are your influences and the thematic that you use in your sound

L.I. » I think it's more than evident that we play Black Metal... as for influences I can't talk much but in my role, as a vocalist and drum programmer probably Satanic Warmaster and Vlad Tepes (concerning the drums...) and my voice... I think it's my voice... that's it.

M.v.K » As L.I said , we play Black Metal, I’m not influenced by bands, I’ve created riffs in a moment that i don't hear or think about anything, it's just my feeling doing it, if it sounds to something that's ok to me (and i could agree) ! Of course with this, I’m not saying that I’m original in what i do, but I can guarantee is not influenced...

So you compose your blasphemies at the moment, right ?

M.v.K » Basically yes, it's very rare to have something prepared to rehearse.

You will continue to use programmed drums or you are trying to find a Drummer ?

L.I. » We might use real drums for the album, but nothing is certain, so...

M.v.K » For me it's not a big problem , playing with a real drummer could slow more our progress and releases , i would agree more with a real drummer to play in concerts , for our releases i think L.I. make well the programmed drums. But we'll see till the recording of the first full length.

Do you expect to do some live performaces ?

M.v.K » I think so... not in a near future , as i've said for that i rather prefer a real drummer to perform on stage instead of a drum machine (pc etc etc).
But to play live, i think we could do some gigs when the first album will be released.

When will you release your album??? Are there any dates?

M.v.K » The process for recording it's a little bit delayed, because we've made recordings for 2 splits, but i think it will be out in the beginning of 2007...so we'll work with no worries, and do what we have to do, Kill & Destroy with our hatred!!!

L.I. » First we will release a 6-way split with bands I rather announce when the split is out and we also have a split with Irae programmed and then probably we'll start working on the album. No release dates available at least for now, I just can say that the 6-way split will be released very very soon...

What's you vision about the situation of the Portuguese Underground Scene ?

L.I. » What underground are you talking about? There aren't humble people anymore. Everyone "works" for secondary purposes like have their fuckin' asses on magazines or to have a status (inside the FUNderground...), but to express themselves through Metal. Sincerely, I don't think underground is good, and I'm talking world-wide... still there are true warriors around the globe but most of them are just the plain crap and even if they don't think this... they walk with the rest of the flock. Fortunately, we and some others, illuminated by the Black Flame, we are their wolves and soon or later these little bands and individuals will disappear... don't forget we are the ones who crawl under your feet and when the time come, we will push you down... we will bury you... and we will spill the poison... at least, that's what I intend to do with Vermen, a vile creation...

M.v.K » Underground scene ?! It's something that we'll never know here and outside of our county (it's the same shit everywhere), only few persons work for the supposed Underground, and not intended to make profit of that. I’m not going to talk of bands here, the ones i support know who they are, so the rest could be on their precious contacts with huge labels, and recording at big studios, and announce false gigs... and mainly auto-proclaim themselves as ELITE ones, therefore for me they're like everything, emptiness !!!

But you believe in the existence of that ELITE ???

M.v.K » Elite it's what they call, or think they are... for me the Elite I know it's a Norwegian band, and i don't appreciate it a lot.
I think that supposed "Elite" is created and consecutively denied by the same who gave origin, because they're vulnerable and nobody appreciate their work, and live all days sitting at a pc always expecting someone to be submissive to them, once more denying and always searching the fame... Vermen is for me in music, what will be for everybody in their last sigh of life...

Vermen is one band that only unleashed Blasphemies in tape or you don't have problem in doing it in cd ?

L.I. » As for Vermen we don't have problems with CD format as we want to spread our poison as much as we can... we're even thinking of releasing the split with Irae on CD format.

M.v.K » L.I answered what I feel about releases, but anyway if you or someone wants to release our stuff on vinyl, be my guest and make proposal...

Tell us what Black Metal means to you

L.I. » I know what it's like to live for the Black Flame... for Black Metal... for Darkness.

M.v.K » Black Metal for me it's something that doesn't have any lucid explanation, so i could say that's what I breath and what I spell in my darkest moments, I don't see black metal as the. Feeble human desire or those who want to be, but as personal feeling, it's my hatred, my scorn against all and everything.

Which are the band’s that you most respect and wish to HAIL ?

L.I. » There are some bands that’s for sure... I believe some don't want to be mentioned here so I'll respect that. Anyway, hail Fear of God and Détente (R.I.P. Dawn Crosby).

M.v.K » Iron Maiden!!!! I think they're not going to read this, but it's the only band I respect...

Ok… So tell us what are your plans for the future ?

M.v.K » Well we're going to spread chaos as always, trying to release some vinyl, and probably think to make some gigs. But we'll not sign with big labels, so the future will be as the present one, miserable to eternity!

Thanks for the time you have expended in this interview. Send your last words, hails and blasphemies for all those who read Infernal Dungeons and for all those who want to know more about Vermen.

L.I. » I'm the Punk Santa Claus of Hatred...

M.v.K » The brave be cautious, because we came to destroy!!! And massacre your mediocrity... hails to Infernal Dungeons and good luck with your projects. Those interested in news from Vermen, always can go to the site "untrue" www. myspace.com/vermenblackmetal
Black Metal is for who feel, and not for who want!!!
DESTROY YOURSELF, BLEED FOR ME and not for HIM, you faggots!!!


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