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Interview - ISHKUR

ISHKUR...A new Black Metal band from Oporto catacombs...Many people had compared it as Marduk...But it's even more brutal...What we listen in its work is pure Brutal Black Metal... The first demo tape is out now by Hell War Prod and we came to talk with the menthor of the project, ISHKUR himself, to know more about the band and this first release...

You recently have released you first demo by Hell War prod. How have people recieved it ?

This demo's reception has been pretty good. I have to say i was not expecting this to be so. I mean, of course i beblieve in the quality of this work, or i wouldn't even be bothering to put it out, but i was not expecting reactions to be so positive, expecially since this is a rather young project.

Talk me about the thematic of this demo...

Humanity is at a state incredibly inferior to what it should could be. It has the potential to accomplish great things and to achieve greatness, yet nowadays it seems to be contempt with just dragging itself aimlessly throughout times. "The Ancient Ones Come" is somehow a manifest about that. About both the disgust towards humanity's current state and the knowledge that there is something more to be achieved. There is no desire to end humanity nor to accomplish mankind's extinction. There is no hate towards humans. This demo is divided in two parts, each represented by one side of the tape. The first part side is a reflection about the need we have allways had and the weakness that drives to rely on external entities, gods, gurus, leaders, instead of relying in ourselves. The second part is a consciencialization that the time has come to break those bonds that restrain us and become greater, by our own will and strength. It's an adaptation, an interpretation of the Nietzschian concept of the Ubbermensch. There is the potential to be more, a great deal more. That's why i called this demo "The Ancient Ones Come". The ancient ones are not gods; they are the leaders, thinkers, sages, warriors, kings of the past, that have achieved greatness by their own hands and valour. How can we not let their past inspire us and drive us to a greater state?

You had the participation of Arcanus in the drums. Can you tell us how this happened?

Well, in the early days of this project, i did not show what i was doing to many people. So happened one of those was Impius, the guitarist of Inner Helvete and Warmaster. He liked what i was doing and showed it to Arcanus whotold me he would like to participate in it. Well, since he is someone i have great respect for, both as a person and as a musician, i felt honoured and accepted, of course. After recording this demo tape, the hypothesis of him joining as full member arised and we both were excited about it, so... There you have it.

Do you have more releases in mind or this is the only one by now?

Well, i do intend to achieve a regular level of creativity, which i hope will result in new releases! HAHA. But for now i plan to do my best to distribute this work and just focus on writing even better material. There are a couple of possible releases in mind, but that's not clear enough to discuss it now.

ISHKUR is a studio band or do you expect to do some shows with the band?

Ishkur started off as a pure studio project. I was doing everything, including programmed drums, but it has since evolved. The possibility of playing live has been contemplated and is doable, but... Let it rest in unknown land for now.

I know you have one more band, Acceptus Noctifer. Tell us something about this band.

Well, we're about to release a new demo tape through Skull Productions and we're starting to play live again, after some serious line-up changes. For those who don't know the band... Well... it's black metal! Its kind of stupid for me to try and define the sound we play. The best way to define it is to listen to it. Well, of course a have a parcial oppinion, but i think it is deffinitely worth checking out.

Give me your vision about Portuguese scene.

I guess there is no way of avoiding this question. The portuguese scene is probably not far off of the external BM scene. There are good people, there are shitty people. There are bands who care for what they're doing and try to support the scene and there are those who just shit on everyone and everything hoping to climb on that pile of shit and achieve something more other, even if it's just standing taller. I effort myself to keep appart of most of the crap but we all get dragged into it. I will not say names, it's not my place to do so. But i grow more and more disgusted of some people. I mean, it's a small scene, it's good that it's so. But shit, what's the point in trying to achieve anything through lying and bad-mouthing others? Fuck off! That's just lack of belief in your own work!

Can you define me what means Black Metal to you ?

Feeling. To me, Black metal is the raw manifestation of feeling. Pure and simple. Rage, suffering, hate, love, pain, disgust... Feeling.

Tell me about ISHKUR's future...give me your plans to the future.

For now i plan to keep writing more music and that's the main objective. Maybe consider the possibility of playing live, but that's not the priority. My plans concern making music and that's it. Demo-tapes, releases, concerts and the such are consequences of that, but i don't consider them objectives, i rather see them as perks.

Last Words for all those who read Infernal Dungeons Weblog and for all those who want to know more about your band.

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