Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Interview - Vermen

Vermen is one recent band emerged from the catacombs of Lvsitania. This obscure band wishes to spread the unholy black flame through all vicious minds who dedicate their feelings and life to Black Metal. They Have unleashed their first blasphemy called "The end of Mankind" and are about to unleash some more Unholy kaos to possess your minds. We went to talk with L. I. and M.v.K, to know more about this kaotic pit of possessed souls called Vermen.
Tell us a little about Vermen

M.v.K » Vermen as started in 2004, but only at the beginning of 2005 really starting to work, this project was made in a conversation with Infaustum, and we've decided to make something chaotic and outside of the standard black metal, we arise with the "The End of Mankind" demo through Stricto Sensu Rekords (my own label) limited to 100 hand numbered copies, the final result was what we really want , a dirty sound and fucking chaotic morbid atmosphere...

About your sound… Describe us your sound and tell us what are your influences and the thematic that you use in your sound

L.I. » I think it's more than evident that we play Black Metal... as for influences I can't talk much but in my role, as a vocalist and drum programmer probably Satanic Warmaster and Vlad Tepes (concerning the drums...) and my voice... I think it's my voice... that's it.

M.v.K » As L.I said , we play Black Metal, I’m not influenced by bands, I’ve created riffs in a moment that i don't hear or think about anything, it's just my feeling doing it, if it sounds to something that's ok to me (and i could agree) ! Of course with this, I’m not saying that I’m original in what i do, but I can guarantee is not influenced...

So you compose your blasphemies at the moment, right ?

M.v.K » Basically yes, it's very rare to have something prepared to rehearse.

You will continue to use programmed drums or you are trying to find a Drummer ?

L.I. » We might use real drums for the album, but nothing is certain, so...

M.v.K » For me it's not a big problem , playing with a real drummer could slow more our progress and releases , i would agree more with a real drummer to play in concerts , for our releases i think L.I. make well the programmed drums. But we'll see till the recording of the first full length.

Do you expect to do some live performaces ?

M.v.K » I think so... not in a near future , as i've said for that i rather prefer a real drummer to perform on stage instead of a drum machine (pc etc etc).
But to play live, i think we could do some gigs when the first album will be released.

When will you release your album??? Are there any dates?

M.v.K » The process for recording it's a little bit delayed, because we've made recordings for 2 splits, but i think it will be out in the beginning of 2007...so we'll work with no worries, and do what we have to do, Kill & Destroy with our hatred!!!

L.I. » First we will release a 6-way split with bands I rather announce when the split is out and we also have a split with Irae programmed and then probably we'll start working on the album. No release dates available at least for now, I just can say that the 6-way split will be released very very soon...

What's you vision about the situation of the Portuguese Underground Scene ?

L.I. » What underground are you talking about? There aren't humble people anymore. Everyone "works" for secondary purposes like have their fuckin' asses on magazines or to have a status (inside the FUNderground...), but to express themselves through Metal. Sincerely, I don't think underground is good, and I'm talking world-wide... still there are true warriors around the globe but most of them are just the plain crap and even if they don't think this... they walk with the rest of the flock. Fortunately, we and some others, illuminated by the Black Flame, we are their wolves and soon or later these little bands and individuals will disappear... don't forget we are the ones who crawl under your feet and when the time come, we will push you down... we will bury you... and we will spill the poison... at least, that's what I intend to do with Vermen, a vile creation...

M.v.K » Underground scene ?! It's something that we'll never know here and outside of our county (it's the same shit everywhere), only few persons work for the supposed Underground, and not intended to make profit of that. I’m not going to talk of bands here, the ones i support know who they are, so the rest could be on their precious contacts with huge labels, and recording at big studios, and announce false gigs... and mainly auto-proclaim themselves as ELITE ones, therefore for me they're like everything, emptiness !!!

But you believe in the existence of that ELITE ???

M.v.K » Elite it's what they call, or think they are... for me the Elite I know it's a Norwegian band, and i don't appreciate it a lot.
I think that supposed "Elite" is created and consecutively denied by the same who gave origin, because they're vulnerable and nobody appreciate their work, and live all days sitting at a pc always expecting someone to be submissive to them, once more denying and always searching the fame... Vermen is for me in music, what will be for everybody in their last sigh of life...

Vermen is one band that only unleashed Blasphemies in tape or you don't have problem in doing it in cd ?

L.I. » As for Vermen we don't have problems with CD format as we want to spread our poison as much as we can... we're even thinking of releasing the split with Irae on CD format.

M.v.K » L.I answered what I feel about releases, but anyway if you or someone wants to release our stuff on vinyl, be my guest and make proposal...

Tell us what Black Metal means to you

L.I. » I know what it's like to live for the Black Flame... for Black Metal... for Darkness.

M.v.K » Black Metal for me it's something that doesn't have any lucid explanation, so i could say that's what I breath and what I spell in my darkest moments, I don't see black metal as the. Feeble human desire or those who want to be, but as personal feeling, it's my hatred, my scorn against all and everything.

Which are the band’s that you most respect and wish to HAIL ?

L.I. » There are some bands that’s for sure... I believe some don't want to be mentioned here so I'll respect that. Anyway, hail Fear of God and Détente (R.I.P. Dawn Crosby).

M.v.K » Iron Maiden!!!! I think they're not going to read this, but it's the only band I respect...

Ok… So tell us what are your plans for the future ?

M.v.K » Well we're going to spread chaos as always, trying to release some vinyl, and probably think to make some gigs. But we'll not sign with big labels, so the future will be as the present one, miserable to eternity!

Thanks for the time you have expended in this interview. Send your last words, hails and blasphemies for all those who read Infernal Dungeons and for all those who want to know more about Vermen.

L.I. » I'm the Punk Santa Claus of Hatred...

M.v.K » The brave be cautious, because we came to destroy!!! And massacre your mediocrity... hails to Infernal Dungeons and good luck with your projects. Those interested in news from Vermen, always can go to the site "untrue" www. myspace.com/vermenblackmetal
Black Metal is for who feel, and not for who want!!!
DESTROY YOURSELF, BLEED FOR ME and not for HIM, you faggots!!!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Interview - Delicta Carnis

Delicta Carnis is one of the newest great promises from the Brazilian scene. It's a very recent band, but they' re working hard and are achieving many things. They have played with some big names, such as Bestial, Mystifier, Krisiun and Unearthly. They are preparing their new blasphemy to be unleashed at the begining of the cursed year of 2007, so we went to talk with Lord Baphomet to know a little more about Delicta Carnis

Make us a little presentation of Delicta Carnis.

Bestial hails to Infernal Dungeons!! Delicta Carnis is:Abaddon - Guitar, Hellfrost - Guitar, Lord Baphomet - Bass and backing vocals, Vitão Remains-Drums, and Igor d’Ávila-Vocals.

How can you describe your sound and tell us what are your influences and what are the thematic of your lyrics.

I may say that we do a traditional Black/Death Metal, influenced in bands of Thrash, Death and Black Metal from 80’s e 90’s, such as: Morbid Angel, Samael (OLD), Mayhem (OLD), Rotting Christ, Vehemence, Celtic Frost, Slayer (Masters), Pestilence, Carcass, only to say, some of our lyrics are based on Viking mythology, death and all violence that is spread from human being.

You all have passed through many other projects, being playing in some of them. Can you speak about it ?

Me (Lord Baphomet) and Hellfrost played together in a Death\Doom Metal band named Putrefata, since 2004. Vitor and Abaddon played together since time of Abaddon, which later changed the name to Ritus Tenebrum and at the end Delicta Carnis, and Igor came from a Thrash Metal band from his city, named Skull, from Juiz de Fora, estate of Minas Gerais/Brasil. Ritus Tenebrum ended its activities and its members stopped for a while. Then Hellfrost and Vitão decided to create a band and called Abaddon and Igor to enter. The band rehearsed 4 times without bass player. Then they called me to complete this horde. I’ve entered in fourth rehearsal, we have rehearsed 3 times more and done our first presentation at 27Jully 2005, in second festival “Nocturnal Hordes Devastation”, in Juiz de Fora-MG/Brasil, with bands like Oligarquia, Ocultan e Paradise in Flames, where we presented our first demo cd called “Delicta Carnis”.

You have released one demo cd and participated in a compilation. Tell us how people are received your work.

The headbanger people have being receiving our work very well, the demo and the concerts. The gig have being brutal since then. In our first presentation, when we were preparing to start our show many people were buying our demo. We have participated in some shows and festivals at the side of very important bands from the Brazilian and mundial scene.

You have done many concerts with some important bands of the Brazilian metal scene, such as Bestial, Mystifier, Krisiun, Unearthly, and many others. How was the experience of being played with such bands ?

I think that it’s always an excellent experience to play in the stage with other hordes, What ever they are. But talking about that bands you have mentioned, i think that it’s an amazing, because we are big fans of that hordes and we respect them a lot, since

When are you thinking about release some new stuff ?

We are rehearsing new songs to start recording them. We got something like 10 new sounds to record and we expect to release the cd at January of 2007 and then distribute by some distros in order to spread our blasphemy in the better way.

What's your opinion about Underground scene ?

The underground scene nowadays it’s growing, unfortunately every day we see more Opportunists, posers, wannabes nazis and a lot of kids destroying the image of the metal all around the world, crap that deserve to be eliminated from the earth. But we see serious and excellent bands appearing and people who really fights for Metal. We must unite to end all that piece of crap opportunists. Only then we can have a much stronger scene.

In a few words, tell us what you think about Black Metal.

For me, Black Metal is defined as a ideology of life. It’s much more then music, like many people think nowadays. It’s the best representation of the violence of the human race which acts like real demons and each day it spreads is war against the oppression of the Christianity.

Almost all of you have webzines, talk us something about them and tell us how we can access your webzines.

Only Hellfrost(Guitar) and Igor(Vocals) have webzines. Hellfrost is webmaster of metalcapixaba webzine, that as born in 2004 with the initial proposal of giving to know only the bands from our area, but then Hellfrost decided to show Hordes from other states and other countries, being nowadays one of the most visited sites from our state. You can visit it by the address: http://www.metalcapixaba.com.br/ and the bands can send their material by the e-mail metalcapixaba@metalcapixaba.com.br. Igor is the webmaster from metaldevastation webzine, being one of the most visited sites of the country. You can visit it by using this URL: http://www.metaldevastation.com.br/. The bands can send their materials to: metaldevastation@gmail.com .

What are your plans for the future ?

We expect to unleash our first cd at the beginning of 2007, and maybe do a tour to other parts of Brazil to present our first cd, and maybe do a few concerts in Uruguay with Down of Defiance, but it’s nothing confirmed yet.

Last words and hails to the readers of the Infernal Dungeons and for all those who may want to get in contact with you.

I Thank you for this interview and hope one day to play in Lvsitanian lands and show all our sound devastation to Europeian Headbangers, which live in the best scene of the world. Contact us.
Contacts: http://www.delictacarnis.cjb.net/

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Interview - Catacumba

Catacumba is a new promise coming from Brazil. This Brotherhod of evil is recent but shows like they came to stay and to conquer the underground with their awesome sound. They have released their first demo titled “Birkat Ha – Minim A Benção dos Hereges” which i may tell, it was very well recieved, that it's almost sold out. They Will unleash a new blasphemy, a live tape, by Alastor Rex, so then, we went to talk with the vocalist Gordorov Vomit Noise, to know a little more about this horde.

Give to us a little presentation of the Catacumba.

Gordoroth Vomit Noise: Greetings!!! Catacumba started when me and Count Unico del Inferni decided to create a band that symbolizes everything more damned and insane that exists in our minds at that moment and that manage to express our hate and repugnance to this world in the most extreme way: the Black/Death Metal like the monsters of Extreme Metal like Mystifier, Sepultura (Old), Sarcofago, Rotting Christ (old), Dark Throne, Emperor, Kreator, Destruction, Bathory, Hellhammer, Possessed, Death, Morbid Angel, Holocausto and few others.
Everything started whit a meting with my self and Count, Hellfrost (ex-guitar), Scubbus (ex-bass) and Amazarack in order to make some covers the bands that I’ve spoken before. After almost all line up left, I and Count started our own odes to chaos and misery to satisfy, at least satisfy some of our thirst of destruction… So me, the Count and Amazarack invoke other warriors metalheads to start the rehearsal before our first opus "Birkat ha - Minim A Benção dos Hereges". When the sound became compact, dilacerated and like we wanted, we initiate recording, despite being delay due the lake of professionalism of the studio owner (unfortunately very usual in our country).
After the end of the recording we started to diffuse our material to every world and forge our saga with fire and the sword…

Speak to us about your sound and about your main influences.

GVN: Catacumba is a union between 2 big ideas: Metal Music and antidogmatic Ideology. Everything around us, everything we hear, read, feel, speak and do is part of our musical paradigm. Entities like Mystifier, Possessed, Sarcofago, Nietzsche, Marilena Chauí, Kreator, Elaine Pagels, Pitágoras, Ódio, Miguel de Cervantes, Freud were influences to us… everything that might amplify ours visions about reality and about the paradigm of our daily can be mentioned as an influence to us. In fact, how you can realize in ours bootlegs, all the lyrics are written by me and became after all, an extension of my most hatful thoughts… For despair of adepts of restrictive dogmatic…

You guys are a recent band, how have it been your journey until today?

GVN: We’ve been supported by hundreds of brothers head bangers all over the world my friend, and that is very grateful to us. Even having a short trajectory I already can affirm with no doubts that our saga is already marked in the hearts of the maniacs in the most extreme and unify underground movement.

You have already two releases…speak to us about them.

GVN: The repercussion on the demo “Birkat Ha – Minim A Benção dos Hereges” have been the best it can be! In one year we spread over than 900 demos all over the world and we have so far, replies 666% favorable not only in Brazil, but also in other countries!
We have been able to give interviews in several zines/webs like Turbo, Metal Attack (http://www.metalattack.com.br/), Temple of Sin, Siam Metal (http://www.siammetal.com/), Vampire Magazine (http://www.vampire-magazine.com/), Hell, Esperanto, Thunder God (http://www.thundergodzine.com.br/), Artefactuz, Lys aeon (http://www.lysaeon.com/), Hellhammer, Ceremonial Magazine, Anúbis (http://www.anubis-zine.com/), Burning Misery (http://www.burningmisery.com/), Ritual, Dark Gates, Saturn, Osculum Obscenum, Infernal Kingdom and some others that I can’t remember right now.
Our demo is also distributed by several distros like Eterna Aversão, Diabolic Attack, Necromancer Rec. (http://www.bloodynecromancer.de/), Hellspike Records (http://www.hellspikerec.cjb.net/), Morbid Reasons 666 (http://www.morbidreasons666.com/), Dying Music (http://www.dyingmusic.com/), Alastor Rex Prods. (http://www.alastorexdistro.cjb.net/), Sabbathid Records (http://sound.jp/disnecro/), Sangue Impuro Produções (http://www.sangueimpuro-prods.7vip.net/), Intifernal Distro (intifernal@yahoo.com.es), Trevas Nascemos Prods, Mountain Distro, Anaites Prods, Diabolic Front, Tenebrarum Prods, Ketzer Records (http://www.ketzer-records.de/), Cult Distribuition (http://www.geocities.com/cultdistribution), W.A.C. Distro (www.geocities.com/wacdistro), Skull Fucking Metal (http://www.geocities.com/skullfnmetal), Infernal Kaos Prods (http://www.infernalkaos666.ubbihp.com.br/) and all that meant to spread our artifact by the dirty ball that we call Earth!
About the title, Birkat Ha – Minim” means exactly “A Benção dos Hereges” and was a term used by the Jews in the early I century. It was created in order to the just converted Christians that insisted in consider them selves as part of the Jews, going to the synagogues that deny them at that time. How to differentiate the Christians of the Jews in that time was almost impossible, so the Jews priests create the “Birkat Ha – Minim”, that was a pray in the Jewish cult that cursed all Christians present at the time and condemn them to the spiritual banishment to all the eternity (logic to them)… So we wanted to show how erroneous and contradictory are the bought races, since they venerate the same god and take the veil of the submission dogmatic! And so like Nietzche made with Zratustra, we invert the “Birkat…” to our values, so we wanted to show our disdain to the fowlers to the inexistent Christ and to all the dogmatic fowlers of any religion! Because we don’t need bow to any identity above our heads our below our feet to reach our goals and we’ll keep it that way until we considerer our selves as free spirits!!!!
The “Live tape 2005” (our second official attack), is a record from our show in II Nocturnal Hordes Devastation, when also played bands like Ocultan, Oligarquia, Paradise in Flames, Wrathorned, Delicta Carnis, Skull, Autumm Flowers, Devourer and Sadistic Gore.
Was a fuck fest promoted by the D’Ávila brothers from the Metal Devastation web zine (http://www.metaldevastation.com.br/) and from Metal Hordes web zine (http://www.metalhordes.com.br/, where our show was record without our assent. So when we find out we heard it and appreciated a lot, and decided to release it in the cult tape format.
The first showing some interest was the MPA 666 from Nigra Mortis Prods., that gave us a big rip off proving once more that they wasn’t suppose to exist… after that, we assign the mission to our friend Henrique from Alastor Rex Prods (http://www.alastorexdistro.cjb.net/), released in 333 copies.
As our Mexican brother Aerly (Black Empire/ Erishkingal) also shown some interest in the release, it will be also released by his “Satanic Records” above the name “Summoning the Evil Spirits” and with a different layout limited to 666 copies. Tapes maniacs reserve your now!

How has been the acceptance to yours records?

GVN: Like I’ve said before my friend, it has been the best and so we released that the world is full of maniacs like us! ARGH!

About Brazilian underground, what can you tell us about it situation?

GVN: As much people now, the Brazilian underground is very huge, glorious and insane! At all time appears new bands, distros and zines with a proposal and an ideology to pass and that's awesome.
Every one that cross this path searching for “Metal” will find what of more mortal and bloody exists in this kind of music… the only thing missing is best financiers conditions in order to refines even more our insane kind of art!

Witch bands are distinguished in nowadays?

GVN: wardeath, Abantesma, Mesemon Ecrof, Vultos Vociferos, Delicta Carnis, Lord Foul (hailz!), Shedim, Evil Empire, Lord Satanael, Uraeus, I Shit on your Face, Gory Gruesome, Gag on my Cock, Sheitan, Infernal Blood, In Infernal War, Mystifier (Hailz Sakana!), Impetuous Rage, Uraeus, Mephistopholes, Rotting, Shadow Moon, Grave Desecrator, Opus Inferi, Miasthenia, Malkuth, Malefactor, Ave Lúcifer, Arkanus ad Noctum, Funerality, Paradise in Flames, Wrathorned, ,Incredulous, Unholy Mass, Eternal Sacrifice, Expose your Hate, Abate Macabro, Winds Funera, Aborticide, Expulser, Hecate, Pecatorium etc etc...

Describe to us, your vision of Black Metal.

GVN: Not only the Black Metal like all Metal signifies a lot in my life, because I live to Metal e for Metal 24 hours by day and 7 days by week.
That’s the artistic style I chose in order to express my ideas, feelings an all that I can split above this stupid world, and all that in the form of more brutal and insane music of the Planet, the extreme Metal! Being it Black/death or even Thrash… All that I feel I express through this polemic musical ramification and that why I’m on it for the rest of my life, since I don’t stand here to impress no one, but only to satisfies my self and my yearnings.

What is your vision about the religion and politics?

GVN: Two ways to blind people.

What are your plans for the future to Catacumba?

GVN: For shows, usually we don’t make a lot of plans, we are invited, think about it and we accept when we find it adjusted to that moment.
We’re lucky because we have a large group of allies determinate to call us to hateful celebrations and that’s been an honorable opportunity to show our selves in bigger and fucked celebrations with big brothers of Metal! Hailz!
About releases, we had receive a lot of proposals and the only ones, that are 666% granted are the “Live tape 2005” here on Brazil by Alastor Rex Prods and in Mexico by Satanic Records, the split EP with our brothers Gore/Grinders I Shit on your face by the Hole Records and our full-length by Sick Chainsaw Prods from Thailand (that also will release a fucked album version on professional tape).
We’ll start to record new material to these releases after September and I think that the year of 2007 promises a lot of torments to our big enemies and envious…

Last words.

GVN: I thank you, my brother, for the opportunity to do this interview to one more Portuguese publication.
To the maniacs with extreme metal in their souls, keep in touch! It’s a pleasure to us to keep in contact with metalheads dedicated to the movement! Hailz!!!!

Translations by Lady Sorrow

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Release Holokaostor Prod. - Ready to Fuck "Inicio do Caos"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interview Decayed

Decayed... a living legend in the Portuguese Metal Scene. 16 years has passed but this blasphemers still keeping up at full force. Many releases were made, many stages were steped, so they have many stories to tell about. Now that they are preparing their new album, we enter to talk with JA to know more about it and a little about the story of the band.

16 years of Decayed. Make me the balance of the 16 years of this historical band of the Portuguese Underground Scene

Holy shit! I have no idea man... Metal, we keep on releasing Metal anthems... That’s about it... We had great times and also shitty times, but we're still around.

All along these years you have seen many bands coming and going. But Decayed was always kept alive. Can you tell us the secret ? Or is a band which it's soul will never die ?

I have no idea. I started this whole insanity in 1990 and I just kept on going forward, not matter what... I just never gave up, I think that people give up too easy. I still have ideas for DKD, so I'll keep on releasing stuff, as long that I think that I have something new to put out. But anyway, I think that our soul will never die, even after we die.

For all this years Decayed have released several releases. Do you think that each one is a mark in the band's path ? Which release have marked you most ?

Yes, all they mark a moment in my life and in the life of DKD. Each release had to be released when it was, it could not be otherwise. I think that the album that marked me must was "NOckthurnaal". I have a very strong feeling when I listen to that album and when I play those songs, like "Hell-Witch"... killer song!

Great... and about future releases ??? You have told me that the band is about to put out a few more releases. What can you tell us about that ?

Well, first there should be two split CDs, one with the Italian DARKNESS and the other with my own project THUGNOR. I'm not sure of when they will be released, but I think that still this year. As for the new album, it is ready to be recorded and we expect to do it in December (maybe the 25th? LOL)... But back to the splits, one is new material but with me doing everything, and the other one is a remixed version of the 7"EP "Satanic Blast" and a cover. There's also a 7"EP to be out with 2 old songs sung by the Lady of DRACENA from Sweden, but no dates yet...

About the new album... can you say more about it or you want to keep secret till its out ?

If I wanted it to be a secret I wouldn't be spreading already some rehearsal songs, right? Anyway, some people that have heard it say that it sounds more like the early albums, so, maybe you can have a clue on that? I agree, I think that it sounds more like the 2 first album combined in one.

So it's like a return to Decayed Roots ?

I guess you can say that, we're 4 again, so it’s more input into the songs. Maybe it’s a full circle, I have no idea what it means, and I just know that it is. We'll see what the future holds for DKD...

Your former vocalist has left the band recently. This situation have delayed the work of the band and the preparation of the band ? What can you tell us about this ?

It got a gig cancelled and I really wanted to go to Porto again... But we already have a new vocalist and right now we're rehearsing for 2 gigs, but after that we'll start working on his vocals for the album and then record in December... if anything goes wrong I can always sing...

Now speaking about the Portuguese Metal Scene. Being you a part, and, perhaps the most known band in our underground, what can you tell us about the Underground's evolution, since the early days till now ?

Oh man, I hate these questions... Evolution? Maybe... There are a lot more bands, that’s for sure, but as for evolution I have no idea, I'm not interested in that I'm just interested in the music, everything else I don't give a fuck.

What Black Metal means to you ?

A way of life... simple as that. If you know me, you know what I mean...

Tell us what you expect for the future. What are your future plans?

Keep on releasing good Metal albums and keep on playing everywhere, that is what I want for the future.

And we all would be glad to have Decayed active for many more years

Thanks a lot man... May the Gods read your words...

To finish this very interesting interview, I would like to thank you for the time you have dispended. Say a few last words and hails to the readers of Infernal Dungeons and for all those who want to know more about the band.

Well, if you're interested in NOT your typical Black Metal, give a listen to DKD. I have some material available so feel free to contact me. Thank you for this interview and thanks to those who've read this far. Hail Metal!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interview - D.O.R.

D.O.R. is one of the most obscure and underground projects in the Portuguese scene. This one man band has released 3 demos and is about to release two new works... D.O.R. is about death, pain, misanthropy, suffering that exists in this world... and for me is always a pleasure to interview an obscure band leaded by Mortiferus...

Make us a little presentation of D.O.R.

This solo project was created in 2004 with the idea to express myself about death. D.O.R. means for Death Overcomes Reality and stands for the importance of death in our lifes.

How do you describe your sound… and what are the thematic of your music?

Atmospheric, depressive, cold…. Since the beginning, humans have tried to hide the idea that some day will die. There’s always the fear that wherever they go, whatever they do, Death is watching... In a world where year by year, the population increases, some day… someone must die. I also approach matters like suicide, nightmares and fears, suffering, hate, Satan, etc… everything that causes infliction in their existence. I take D.O.R. music in a very personal level.

You have released 3 demos. Can you talk a little about everyone of them and about the evolution since the beginning of the band till now?

The demo-tapes sound like distorted Black Metal, very simplistic and raw.
The first demo “Torture & Pain” was released in 2004 and was very poor, in sound quality and structure. Like every first demo, it’s a chance to create pillars for the future. The second one, “The Essence of Self-Destruction” was brought in early 2005 and with new resources, I could now explore a different perspective that in the time of the first demo was impossible for me. And finally, “Blessed by Unholy Murder” was more close to my idea for the project.
Current days, D.O.R. is more atmospheric, very profound with great Doom influences. Was a long hard journey until the desirable sound emerged after 2 years.

You are preparing two new Blasphemies. Can you tell a little about these two next releases? There are any release dates available?

Shall be released the debut album, “A Journey through the Shadows” by DarkMusic Productions. I recorded it short after the third demo was finished. There is no release date.
The other release will be a split-tape limited to 500 copies with Odium Perpetuum, a solo project of Morbid Dead of Asbath Oculta. Probably in October will be available.

Your work is being well accepted by the headbanger legion?

To be honest, I don’t really care. If someone likes what I do, then just buy a demo. If not, don’t try to waste my time.

Have you done some concerts with the project???

I’ve played with Alastor (Ex-InThyFlesh) in the drums, with Morte Incandescente and Flagellum Dei in Culto Bar last February, but it went very wrong. Few rehearsals, lack of live experience made the show been cancelled in the middle.

Talking about the Portuguese underground scene. What is your opinion about the state of the Portuguese scene?

I rather not to say anything about it. If you are a true fan of the Underground, than support it and respect it.

For you, what’s the meaning of Black Metal…?


What do you plan for the future?

I’m recording new stuff now, probably in 2007 a demo will be released.

Last Words, Hails and Blasphemies to say to the people who read Infernal Dungeons and may be interested in know more about D.O.R.

Support the Underground!
Avé Sathanas!

Website: www.dor.pt.vu
Contact: www.myspace.com/deathovercomesreality

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

War Productions New Release

WAR Productions proudly inform the future release.

WPT020 – SEKHMET (Cz) “Masová Ocista Cloveka”Black Metal in the vein of old Immortal.

It's a great band and a big promising. It will be released at 08 of September in Tape format, with pro b/w covers and hand numbered to 300 copies.
Pre orders already been accepted. Trades are possible but limited. Ask for wholesale prices. Labels/distros outside of the EU please ask for details.

For more info: