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Review HWP028 - 6 way split "Os Seis Caminhos Para A Verdade

Band: V\A
Tittle: 6 Way Split “Os Seis Caminhos para a Verdade”
Label: Hell War Productions
Year: 2006

This is a six way split released by Hell War Productions with six Underground Black Metal bands from Portugal playing the rawest sound right from the pits of hell.

Starting the side A from this 6 way split we have Irae with the track “Guerra”. Irae bring us a real raw black metal hymn fast and real sick. The possessed voices of Vulturius seems like they’re coming right down the pits of hell. Coldness, dirtiness and rawness it’s what we have here in Irae sound… the pure essence of Black Metal.

Then we have the second horde Satanize with the second track called “Ódio”. It’s Raw and real dirty with a Hateful ambiance. It’s freezing and chaotic like all black metal should be.

The third ones are Black Howling with the track called “Honra”. What can we say about the sound of this horde… The sound is mid passed with some real cold riffs and possessed voices and screams. It makes us think like the screams are coming right down from hell… This sound is real intense and depressive.

Starting with the side B of this tape we have Cripta Oculta with the track “Gloria”. Real fast and intense black metal is what we have in this blasphemy to glorify the true Black Metal Warriors. Great vocal presence and powerful riffs in this raw and extreme Black Metal hymn. The music ends in an intense and sad way with some ambient chords and flute sound… In glory…

Then come Mons Veneris with the track called “Sangue”. This only hate, possession and blasphemy. Raw riffs and possessed screams…No beauty no gayness, only intensity and sickness in this misanthropic Black Metal sound… we can’t see humanity in this sound, only hate and sickness come out from this band.

To finish the six way split we have Vermen with the track “Morte”. This sound is really intense, depressive and full of feeling. The sad riffs from the guitars remind us a requiem… Perhaps this is the most intense and sad sound of the six way split. The pain that come out from Vermen sound is to hard to explain. Just listen the sound…

This is a great release from Hell War Prod. That everyone should have… a real hymn to black metal true warriors.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hell War Prod Releases


HWP026 – Odium Perpetuum / D.O.R. “United in Hate & Pain”

Raw Black Metal


1 – Agonia
2 – Insanidade
3 – Morte (OUTRO)

D.O.R. side

1 – A Fake Light at the End
2 – Suicidium

Tape limited to 500 handnumbered copies on pro black/white covers
Available for 4 € (Portugal) / 5 € (rest of the world) P/P included

HWP027 – EVOKED CURSE “Merciless Revenge”
Satanic Thrash Metal Attack

Track List

1 – Intro
2 - Merciless Revenge
3 – The Day of Metal Inquisition
4 – Whiplashing Metal
5 – Sadistic Savage
6 – Outburst of Hell
7 – Bonebreaking and Skullcrushing
8 – Evoked Apocalypse
9 – Outro
10 – Hitler the Messiah (Angel Reaper cover)

Tape limited to 500 handnumbered copies on pro black/white covers
Available for 4 € (Portugal) / 5 € (rest of the world) P/P included

HWP028 – “Os Seis Caminhos para a Verdade”
6 way split tape Lusitanian Black Metal

Track List

1 – IRAE - Guerra
2 – SATANIZE - Ódio
4 – CRIPTA OCULTA - Glória
5 – MONS VENERIS - Sangue
6 – VERMEN - Morte

Tape limited to 500 handnumbered copies on pro black/white covers
Available for 4 € (Portugal) / 5 € (rest of the world) P/P included

HWP029 – NAMTER / GASZIMMER “Paritur Pax Bello”
Misanthropic Black Metal Art


1 – Intro
2 – My Forest / My Cross
3 – Natura Duce
4 – Blood for the Evil
5 – Daemonic Bloodline
6 – Eternal Misanthropy
7 – Dolore è Luce


1 – Gaszimmer
2 – Totenhopf Art
3 – Holocaust Kamps 99
4 – Zyklon B
5 - Istinto

Tape limited to 500 handnumbered copies on pro black/white covers
Available for 4 € (Portugal) / 5 € (rest of the world) P/P included

Anyone interested should contact the following e-mail

Ready to Fuck - Inicio do Caos

Band: Ready to Fuck
Title: Inicio do Caos
Total Time: 23:08
Line Up: Barbatos (Bass and Guitar)
Dhamer (Bass and Guitar)
Kaus Borealis (Session Vocals)
Label: Holokaostor Productions

Ready to Fuck come from Brazilian Black\Thrash Metal hordes and presents us with an excellent Black\Speed\Thrash Metal in this first demo tape. “Inicio do Caos” is constituted by 4 tracks full of hate and need to kill some Christians.

The killing begins with “Inicio do Caos” a track that begins with a slow guitar intro 34 seconds. Then the killing begins with riffs of pure Speed\Thrash Metal, real catchy sound.

The Second Track called “Tempestade do Ódio” is a hateful hymn calling for the destruction of the human race… lots of speed and rage from guitar and bass join in the programmed drums in a chaotic harmony… a real symphony for destruction…

The third track “Prazer de Matar” starts as a Black Metal sound, with raw harsh guitars with the session vocalist Kauz Borealis praying for all souls he can get and send them back to hell… Then at the end, the sound turns into a Speed\Thrash Metal real catchy that make all the listeners bang their heads.

To end this excellent demo “O Silencio da Morte”, perhaps the Blackest song of this blasphemy full of melancholic and depressive ambiance with some northern European influences, a true hymn to Black Metal.

This is an excellent beginning to this recent Brazilian band. We think that the Chaos as already begun!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Interview - Nargash

Nargash arised from the middle of the atlantic and the cursed lands of the Lvsitanian Old lands...Their sound is cold and fast such as bands like Dark Funeral or Emperor at the beginning... They Hail the Mother Nature and all the freezing winter on the frozen vast lands on the far corners of Lvsitania... Here are some words of the lider of this project Sabazios...

Hells!! First tell us a little about Nargash…

Nargash is a project of my own, started at 2004 in a need to create something of my own. As black metal was and still is my biggest influence in music, I decided to give birth to Nargash and do something for me.
I spent two years by myself composing and writing for Nargash, later on, I invited AssassIIn to join as a bass player to give me a hand with it. Sharing the same ideologies and musical influences it was easy to establish a connection between us.

So… What are your influences and what are the themes of your lyrics ?

Well, I guess my biggest influences are bands like Mayhem, Emperor, Dark Funeral.... etc. Lyrically I write mostly about Nature. I often write about the winter, mysticism of the forest and so on.

In a few words… describe us your sound…

I guess our sound could be described as cold fucking black metal. Plain and simple.

AssassIIn as taken the place as bass player… Do you expect to complete the Line Up for future concerts or you don’t want to play live ?

Well... not really, not for now anyways. We have thought about playing live and discuss it, but we, being from different regions only complicates it, and we wouldn't have much time to find other members and rehearse as a band. For now Nargash won't play live, maybe in the future you'll see us on stage... You'll just have to wait and see what will happen...

You have released your first demo this year titled “Paths of the Dead”. How do people has accepted your demo ?

I haven't given much thought to it because that demo was supposed to be released in 2005 or something. Anyways, the criticism was pretty positive from the people I've showed.
Some people liked it, some didn't...

When are you expecting to unleash some new blasphemies ?

We are finishing working on our new material. We have a few songs ready, soon we will begin the recordings. We might do some Split-CDs with some other Portuguese bands, soon we will also appear in too Portuguese black metal compilations, one by Hell Unleashed Records and the other by Nekrogoat Heresy Productions, and we might record our mCD in the beginning of 2007.

You have some dates for the future releases ?

The only date I'm sure of is the compilation that will be released by Hell Unleashed Records, December 2006. The other releases I'm not sure. Maybe in the beginning/middle of 2007. We’ll see...

Tell us what you think about the present situation of the scene…

I think it's killing itself, honestly. Like it or not, the black metal scene is filled with posers and rock stars, there are a few bands I like in the scene, such as, Asbath Oculta, Forgotten Winter, Bruma Obscura, Bahamut, Decayed, and a few others...

And have you already thinking in a cure for the underground diseases ?

Nargash takes care of itself, fuck the others...

Tell us what you think about Nature, Misanthropy and Black Metal…

Nature is earths purest form, its all the beauty, power and strength, it's something I am fascinated about and it's something I respect.
Misanthropy is something we might not ever know what it's really about, for me it's a mixture of hate, agony, despair and coldness.
Black Metal to me is all about strength, wisdom and power.

And what do you think about politic and religion.

I don't do politics.
Religions to me are a complete waste of time. We were born with fucking brains. I don't need no fucking god to tell me what I should stand for or not

Ok, so now tell us what your plans are for the future!!!

Well, I guess my only goal for now is to record the first full length album for Nargash.
I don't know if it will take a long time or not.. We just have to work for it and make it our best....

Say your last blasphemies…

Thank you for the interview...
Keep supporting the underground.


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Extreme Devotion Fest III


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Gorpubelatze Productions & Oniric Records Release - Split Tape Indomitus - Mortinatum