Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Interview - Vapulah

Vapulah... What can we say about this excellent Black Metal band of two mighty misanthropic individuals ??? There are no Words, Just listen their art...

Make us a little presentation about Vapulah!

Vapulah was formed under the fallen leaves of autumn 2003, when two individuals (Sephirus and Alvahagal) with the same ideas joined their strength and will! The conceptual work that we do in Vapulah is kind different from current ideologies and ideas that most intend to…We do not wish to render trivial concepts and attitudes that we are shelled every day.. With this work we try to seek and understand the entrails of humanity, and all that surrounds the animal instincts that we have inside… We try to understand what/witches are the laws that force us to make some actions and decisions in this arena we call world. Concepts like Evilness, Darkness, Hate, Misanthropy and a few more, are intrinsic in our music and lyrics but in a different way.. We try to ascend to different forms of consciousness, and Knowledge is what we seek by Gnostic wills...

How can you describe your sound ? What are your influences ?

Our influences come from different kind of genres, from Classical to BM! We’re influenced by all the Great dark Arts, by all the music that it’s deep and done with heart and mind…

What is the thematic used in your Blasphemies?

Blasphemies (?!), If you say so…
All the things, from the Minor to the Major, principally the ones that stab deeper!!
As said, we seek Knowledge…and we seek it through our chosen Paths, and through paradoxical kinds of Art and thinking! We’re not glued to one point of view…we seek Many!!

Tell us what’s your vision about the world ?

«Sadness seized the World’s Venter, tears washed the old pedestrian carters, and the cold brook overflowed with woe! We followed the courses of Universe, wrapped by the Antidote search, our healing substance…We’re alone in exorcizing Decadence, falling on ourselves and rising without shape of clearness or Pride! Awaits us the last end, we’ll be cannibals of ourselves…»

You have unleashed one demo, “Auric Landscapes and Decadence”. Tell how they are being received by the people?

I think people recognize the name Vapulah, although the first opus didn’t reached the BM underground the way we planned… but we’re very satisfied with the general opinion.

You’re about to unleash a few more blasphemies. Can you tell us something more about it ?

Blasphemies again?! if you say so…
Skull Productions released a few days ago Vapulah’s second demo “Depressive Caterwaul of the Sombre Figures”, and there’s only a few copies available, it’s almost sold out! soon we’ll release a split-tape with PENITÊNCIA (a mighty Hail to that great project), we are honoured with this release as well the other split-tape with HEKATOMB…

Do you expect to do some concerts or it’s a studio band ?

Vapulah will not play live in the near future, nor in a distant future!
We do not intend to perform any kind of show!!

Tell us your vision about the state of the Portuguese Underground ?

There are some great personalities in the Portuguese Underground, we salute them, and with them we share the same disease and walk through the same Sombre paths! As we ignore some other “funny” personalities that seem more like entertainers inside the “scene” (if there is one)…

Give us your vision about Black Metal. For you, what’s the meaning of Black Metal ?

In the Past I spoke a lot about the meanings of this Art! But now everyone has a different opinion about the meaning of BM!! I’m not going to waste my words telling people what BM means or doesn’t mean, ‘cause I’m tired…

What’s are your plans for the future ?

Remember the Past and take lessons from it! Enjoy the fruits that Present brings to you, bad or worst! Think about the Future, but don’t plan it, ‘cause we walk through the courses of No-Time!!

Send a few words, Hails and Blasphemies for the ones who read Infernal Dungeons and all the ones who want to know more about Vapulah.

Keep buying BM shit, DM shit, and all kinds of crap ‘cause they need your support and money, and forget the Underground Sombre Figures ‘cause we despise you!!!
Thank Infernal Dungeons for the support!!! Hail!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Interview - Celtic Dance

Twelve Years... This Old School Pagan Black Metal Horde have survived many battles on it's life. By the lidership of Conqueror, This Horde promisses to spread lots of deseases and to crush Christianity and for that he as recruted new warriors to acomplish his conquest. So we went to talk with Conquerer himself to know how things going in Celtic Dance.

HELLS... 12 years of Blasphemies and battles against Christianity made Celtic Dance one of the most charismatic bands from the Portuguese underground scene. Do us a little review about Celtic Dance’s life.

Salve! Well let's say that Celtic Dance somehow always pretended to be quite unique, fortunetly we've reached our goals in some points... Many line-up changes, some problems with releases, time & so on prevented to go even further, still from my point of view maybe it was the best way to stay away from the trendy scene of nowadays... We've now a new fresh line-up: Conqueror (vokills), Xeque-Mate (guitar), Zy (drums) & Leanan Sidhe (bass), so we'll see what the future will bring from now on!
Since the early days of the band you had serious problems with the line up. What were the reasons for that happening ?
As I said above there was many line-up changes, the reasons? To name a few I think that the most obvious was the lack of dedication, time, attitude & interest of some members...
In 1996 you were ripped off by a Germanic record label called Shivadarshana Rec. What can you say about that ?
Let's say that it's just part of the Past... Perhaps it was not the best time to release "Ancient Battlecry" on CD format, even if at that time we had an offer to release it after a new recording (specially the bass lines), but at that time the first line-up already departed from the band! So after all this years I think the band haven't loose anything at all, except for the money & time we spent on the mentioned recording.
You have being hide in the shadows for a period of 5 years. Many people thought that you were dead. What were the reasons that made you stop ?
To be honest the band somehow was indeed hidden for about 8 years. Still we never stopped, I'm the only original member on the band along with Xeque-Mate (aka: Nygurien) which returned to the band a few months ago, this time to take care of the guitar duties, since he was the drummer in the beginning. I spent that time writting lyrics, and foremost organizing my personal life, now I think maybe it's time for another battlecry...
We know that the band has a new line up and it’s working for new battles and new Blasphemies. Can you tell us something about some new releases or next battles in the stage ?
As I said on Question 1 we have now a new line-up: Conqueror (vokills), Xeque-Mate (guitar), Zy (drums) & Leanan Sidhe (bass). We're preparing now our debut album "Too Proud To Kneel" & a few gigs as well. On March 2007 probably we will take part of BM festival in Porto along with Ereskhigal (Mexico), & some Lvsitanian hordes as Morte, Infernal Kingdom, etc... Sorry but I don't have any more details for now.
In 12 years you have seen many bands appearing and disappearing. Can you do us a balance about the evolution of the scene, till nowadays ?
What evolution? It's true that we have a great lot of BM bands nowadays but having such a big division among them how the fuck can we call it a good scene?!?!? The only good point now is that finally our hordes are acrossing the Lvsitanian borders and showing outside that we are not just a small point on the map... Salutes to all of them! The other side of the coin will be always the lack of respect, the excess of fame where there is not any at all... Understand that friends don't make a band famous but rather the attitude of the band himself!!!
For you, what’s the meaning of Black Metal ?
There is many important things in life but concerning mine for some personal reasons Black Metal is one of them & it will always be until I die. Still two words can best describe it: True devotion & attitude!!!
Tell what you think about politic and religion.
Politic: Let's say I have my own points of view...
Religion: There are too many to be banned from the face of the earth!!!
What are your plans for the future ?
Record our album "Too ProudTo Kneel" & play enough gigs to keep the Pagan flame alive.
Long life to Celtic Dance… Send your last words, Hails and Blasphemies to everyone that is interested to know more about you and for all those o read Infernal Dungeons.
Many thanks to Infernal Dungeons for the kind support! To all those who have been faithful & supported us during all these years a mighty hail! Your support it's truly appreciated & we'll not forgett neither disapoint you. See you soon on the battlefield... Blood & Soil! Contacts: Conqueror_krieg@hotmail.com www.celticdance.pt.vu
Note: On the 10th of Junte 2004 our latest work "RegreSSus Ad Uterum" was relased as split Cd with the Spanish band Wolfthrone by Ethereal Sound Music, which is so well distributed & promoted that we can't find it anywhere except in some distros outside of Portugal, which managed to get it through the band himself (Who got it from the label under jewish condictions...). Avantgard Wolf Rex. from Brazil have released it last month in tape format with a different & wonderful colour layout containing just our part of the split CD, and it's available through: www.swordproductions.pt.vu

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Interview - Blizzard Winter

Blizzard winter it's a recent band from the Lvsitanian Catacombs. If you ask us how their sounds look like, we can say to you that it looks like Dark Funeral or Infernal. They have unleashed their first demo "Imperium" and are about to release a new blasphemy, so we went to talk with them in a messenger multi-session and they answered a few questions about this Blasphemic Horde.
Do us a little presentation about the band.

CT: Well, I guess all started when both me and Lidagon began working on some tracks around the year 2002. Most of time was for fun, with no big deal behind the project. Lidagon already had been in several bands working both as vocalist and guitar player. In 2003, he started to work on the idea of Blizzard Winter. He moved to Ireland with Velpecula and both started working on some songs...for blizzard winter. In mid 2004, I got into the band after an invitation of Lidagon and the current line-up was formed.

Describe us your sound and talk about your influences

CT: Well... I guess we can call it Black Metal and that's all. I guess it's quite inspired by bands like Dissection, Emperor, Marduk, or may I say fast and violent Black Metal but always with a melodic edge to it. I guess those are the biggest musical influences, although we all listen to a high variety of Metal or other types of music.

You have released a demo called Imperium. What can you tell us about it ?

CT: The tracks on Imperium were meant to be released on a split with Vorago (another project I'm into) and Coldblooded, but due to long delays we decided to release those tracks as a demo along with a long rehearsal track that is in fact an older version of "Floresta de Lanças". For this split, we did the lyrics in Portuguese and they have a medieval/feeling to it, something that will not be repeted in the future, these lyrics were made only for this split.
That type of lyrics was made specifically for this release and nothing more. After that, we did a small edition of 50 copies on CDR in a DVD box and are currently waiting for the re-release in tape format.

We know that it will be re-edited, right ?

CT: I fucking honestly hope so! I have plans, the thing is being prepared for almost a year but some dark fatality always seems to get in the way. We hope to get everything fixed with the label very soon

And we also know that a new Blasphemy is being prepared... What can you tell us about this new work ?

CT: Well, the second demo is composed and we actually recorded some songs, and one of them is featured on the first volume of the Metal Legions compilation of Dungeons Records.
The thing is, we aren't satisfied with the sound and decided to re-record it again. Things as usual are getting delayed because I'm not able to record anything right now since I'm not in Portugal.
But about the demo, I guess the material is more varied, with some slower parts, but I guess in an overall analysis, it's more aggressive and powerful.
Lidagon: In some words I can descrive the sound of the next demo Gateways to rebellion has disturbed, fast, agonising, powerful and aggressive.
CT: The lyrics deal with subjects connected with mythology and the cosmos. The themes were explored by Lidagon and Velpecula and then transformed into lyrics by me. I hope that it can be released in the first half of 2007.

So, in the beginning of the year we will see the beast being unleashed.

CT: I FUCKING hope so!!!!!

Now about the underground scene. Tell us what you think about the situation of the Lvsitanian Scene

CT: Some good bands, some awful shit, but overrall, things seem to be getting better. The best bands for me right now are perhaps Pitch Black, Karnak Seti, Hordes of Yore, the mighty Goldenpyre, In Tha Umbra, Corpus Christii.
Lidagon: Honestly I don't have any idea of the Lvsitania scene in the present, but I know they have some goods bands
CT: Well, as for me, there are some underground stuff that I'm into like DOR or Onirik (excellent Black Metal).
The thing is that I'm getting a bit away from the underground metal scene. Some new and interesting names might be missing, but those bands are the ones I like.

What's the meaning of Black metal for you ?

CT: Hum... Black Metal for me at least is a sonic manifestation of freedom towards moral and dogmatic restrictions.
Lidagon: for me is an expression of the Europen culture in the present
CT: Well, I honestly don't like this question. I guess everyone has a different view on it. I couldn't care less about most of the Black Metal nowadays. I rather get into the old stuff and that's it. Fucking tired of Darkthrone clones wannabes.

What do you think about politics and religion?

Lidagon: I don’t speak about politics and religion, Blizzard Winter is apolitic and don’t have religion
CT: Nothing more to be say about it. Blizzard Winter is not a political band. We don't take political sides in our music, only our lives and our lives belong to us.

OK… Then tell us what your plans to the future are.

CT: The priority is to release the second demo. As soon as I get to Portugal again, I'll record the vocals. Meanwhile, both Lidagon and Velpecula will record the guitars. The mixing process should be quick.
We also hope to get the problems with the label fixed and have the first demo re-released!!
Lidagon: and after that we will see What is going to happen, maybe a full album...find new members...we will see
CT: yeah, we need new members!
People, good willing skill musicians that know how to play drums or bass and don't act like shitheads, please contact us at blizzardwinter@hotmail.com
Lidagon: with strong will and full dedication

And you are thinking on doing some live desecrations ?

CT: At this moment, no. The problem is the fact that two members are in Ireland, and I'm very far away from them. And besides... we would need some members to fill the gaps in our line-up

Send your last words, hails and blasphemies to all those who want to know more about Blizzard Winter and for all those o read Infernal Dungeons

CT: Well, got to our website at www.blizzardwinter.cjb.net or visit our myspace at www.myspace.com/blizzardwinter to hear some samples of our sound! Spread the disease!
And thanks for the opportunity of this interview! Good luck with Infernal Dungeons!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bahamut - Interview

Bahamut is a Melancholic, depressive and Misanthropic band originary from the old catacombs where the brave Lvsitanian Warriors rest in piece. This fenom as occured by its creator Tormentv... with majestic toons appealing for the lonelyness, sadness and fantasy. Bahamut as released their first demo for Dungeons Records and actually it's being prepared the first album that will be released by Warfront Productions, so we went to talk with Tormentv to know more about it

1 – Hells... do us a little presentation of the band.

Greets, here’s Tormentv, mentor of my project Bahamut. I formed this project on the beginning of 2005 with the objective to explore more about my mind and some feelings. Before the music, I wrote during my life that acts mind on my own papers, little sketches and I did some designs, what I can't explain with the right correction. Then the music became as a good experience for my life that style, extreme metal, melancholic and hatred metal, becomes strong with my words and feelings, and that is some part of the objective of this project...then the future speaks.

2 – Tell us what the concepts of your lyrics are.

I write melancholic lyrics, with some poetry, fantasy, hate, my own philosophy about my thoughts and I follow like a critical mind about the reality, and my space. My lyrics don't speak about Satanism at all, neither about other type of ideology, like, religions and political things.

3 – You have released your first demo by Dungeons Records. How does de people received your work ? When will you release your next Blasphemy ?

Yes, I release the demo "Hidden theory" by Dungeons records, a great label of our underground scene that I respect very much. The people received the work with different opinions, some people liked and others not, is normal, but that not the most important point for me. I'm here, write on my paper, do my music, and that is the most important. About the new release, the first album, not a blasphemy album, but a good representation of extreme metal, with some air of old school and ambient music and with a good feeling. Will be released soon, maybe in this month, by the German label Warfront Productions.

4 – How does this deal with Warfront Productions occurred ?

It was easily to contact with them. I send the album and they liked very much and we decided to release with their conditions. We spoke about the layout and other things about the artwork, and we worked together, it was great to work with them.

5 – Can you talk us a little more about the album and its concept ?

Yes. The name is " Old Temple Of Depression", this is a very symbolic album, speak about our temple, old temple, symbolize our home, and our home lives with a deep depression, is about our days, our minds, we all know what I'm talking about. I talk about me and my space, I symbolize the fire with the intelligence, I symbolize the “four” gates with life, that’s means nothing for me or just a little time of stupid emotions.
The number "four" means many theories, "four" stations of year, summer, spring, winter, autumn, symbolize "four" natural life, like, water, fire, wind, earth, and that go on. This album have many symbolical theories about the human kind and the nature, is important to ear with attention, and follow the lyrics for understanding the philosophy of this album.

6 – So it’s a very personal album, something that has being unleashed inside of you, right ?

Yes, is right, I can say that in the general about the album and the project.

7 – Tell me what these themes means to you: Misanthropy, Nature and Black Metal.

Misanthropy for me is like a cold feeling, what we never understand what really means, about some negative feelings, like, sadness, despair, some hatred, etc. Nature is the most beautiful what we have; I'm a lover of nature, it’s pure, honest and true, is the power what I respect. About the Black metal, born like a sub-genre of heavy metal, and talk only about the theme Satanism. Actually, I can say, with some evolution thought, that the black metal is not only about Satanism, and yes, with other type of lyrics too, becomes a one style of music, extreme metal music, with a pure feelings, but I respect who are against this theory, and close their mind to Satanism, because that's the true definition and ideology of black metal, so, in this case, for that people, Bahamut is not a black metal project, but some extreme metal project.

8 – Do you wish to do live shows with Bahamut or this is not a priority to you ?

I'm not sure if I wish some day, maybe, depends of the songs what I want express like a reality act and what I can express to the “face” of public for obtain the right connection. Maybe... well, the future speaks.

9 – Tell us what are your plans for the future ?

The plans for the future are, one previous EP/ LP for release at the end of 2006 or beginning of 2007, with the previous title " Meu Fado" and maybe one second album for 2007.

10 – Last Words, Hails and Blasphemies

I want to thank your zine for this interview and wish good luck for your work with the underground metal scene, is great support for all bands. My last words are for all: "Follow your own steps and mind."
Thank you - Tormentv

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mistress Dance Records Releases

Mistress Dance Records:
Bruma Obscura “Murmurios da Serra” MDR 003
(Schizo Misanthropic Black Metal with original vocals)
Demo Tape with b&w cover and hand work
glossy card inserted in the box, hand numbered
and A5 b&w zine inc: bio, photos, interview, poster, etc…
of the band.
DECAYED “Thus Revealed” MDR 005
First demo tape re-release
(Demo Tape remastered with b&w cover
and hand work glossy card inserted
in the box, hand numbered and A5 b&w zine inc:
bio, photos, interview, poster, etç… of the band.)
HELLFUCK "Carnal Blasphemies"MDR 006
Demo Tape and CD-r versions
(both come with b&w cover and hand work glossy card inserted
in the box, hand numbered and A5 b&w zine inc: bio, photos,
interview, poster, etç… of the band).
The band features J.A. (Decayed, Alastor, etc)
and Andremon (Grog, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Simbiose).

João Pedro – Rua Padre Vitorino, 1/2 , 2º B - Quinta de S.Pedro, 8500 – 456 Portimão – Portugal
João Pedro – Bairro Santa Isabel, nº 11 B - 7630 – 645 S.Teotónio - Portugal
mistressdancerec@gmail.com , mistressdancerec@portugalmail.com

Holokaostor Productions - SODOMIZER: “Tales of the Reaper”

Holokaostor Productions
Proudly Presents:

HLKP CD 001 – SODOMIZER: “Tales of the Reaper”

From the Utter of South American Darkness Rises the Speed Devil Metal Assault SODOMIZER to Rip the Ears of Die-Hard Metal Maniaxxx.
On this Debut CD you’ll be Cursed by 10 Tales of Satanism, Horror and Lust performed with an Original 80’s Metal Feelin’ and Heaviness.
No fuckin’ pseudo “Heavy/Power” Metal Crap!!!!!

Available for: R$ 25,00 (Brasil) / U$ 15.00 (Rest of the World)
P.P. Included

Labels, distributors and stores get in touch for wholesale prices.
Trades are Welcome but write first!!!