Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Interview - Vapulah

Vapulah... What can we say about this excellent Black Metal band of two mighty misanthropic individuals ??? There are no Words, Just listen their art...

Make us a little presentation about Vapulah!

Vapulah was formed under the fallen leaves of autumn 2003, when two individuals (Sephirus and Alvahagal) with the same ideas joined their strength and will! The conceptual work that we do in Vapulah is kind different from current ideologies and ideas that most intend to…We do not wish to render trivial concepts and attitudes that we are shelled every day.. With this work we try to seek and understand the entrails of humanity, and all that surrounds the animal instincts that we have inside… We try to understand what/witches are the laws that force us to make some actions and decisions in this arena we call world. Concepts like Evilness, Darkness, Hate, Misanthropy and a few more, are intrinsic in our music and lyrics but in a different way.. We try to ascend to different forms of consciousness, and Knowledge is what we seek by Gnostic wills...

How can you describe your sound ? What are your influences ?

Our influences come from different kind of genres, from Classical to BM! We’re influenced by all the Great dark Arts, by all the music that it’s deep and done with heart and mind…

What is the thematic used in your Blasphemies?

Blasphemies (?!), If you say so…
All the things, from the Minor to the Major, principally the ones that stab deeper!!
As said, we seek Knowledge…and we seek it through our chosen Paths, and through paradoxical kinds of Art and thinking! We’re not glued to one point of view…we seek Many!!

Tell us what’s your vision about the world ?

«Sadness seized the World’s Venter, tears washed the old pedestrian carters, and the cold brook overflowed with woe! We followed the courses of Universe, wrapped by the Antidote search, our healing substance…We’re alone in exorcizing Decadence, falling on ourselves and rising without shape of clearness or Pride! Awaits us the last end, we’ll be cannibals of ourselves…»

You have unleashed one demo, “Auric Landscapes and Decadence”. Tell how they are being received by the people?

I think people recognize the name Vapulah, although the first opus didn’t reached the BM underground the way we planned… but we’re very satisfied with the general opinion.

You’re about to unleash a few more blasphemies. Can you tell us something more about it ?

Blasphemies again?! if you say so…
Skull Productions released a few days ago Vapulah’s second demo “Depressive Caterwaul of the Sombre Figures”, and there’s only a few copies available, it’s almost sold out! soon we’ll release a split-tape with PENITÊNCIA (a mighty Hail to that great project), we are honoured with this release as well the other split-tape with HEKATOMB…

Do you expect to do some concerts or it’s a studio band ?

Vapulah will not play live in the near future, nor in a distant future!
We do not intend to perform any kind of show!!

Tell us your vision about the state of the Portuguese Underground ?

There are some great personalities in the Portuguese Underground, we salute them, and with them we share the same disease and walk through the same Sombre paths! As we ignore some other “funny” personalities that seem more like entertainers inside the “scene” (if there is one)…

Give us your vision about Black Metal. For you, what’s the meaning of Black Metal ?

In the Past I spoke a lot about the meanings of this Art! But now everyone has a different opinion about the meaning of BM!! I’m not going to waste my words telling people what BM means or doesn’t mean, ‘cause I’m tired…

What’s are your plans for the future ?

Remember the Past and take lessons from it! Enjoy the fruits that Present brings to you, bad or worst! Think about the Future, but don’t plan it, ‘cause we walk through the courses of No-Time!!

Send a few words, Hails and Blasphemies for the ones who read Infernal Dungeons and all the ones who want to know more about Vapulah.

Keep buying BM shit, DM shit, and all kinds of crap ‘cause they need your support and money, and forget the Underground Sombre Figures ‘cause we despise you!!!
Thank Infernal Dungeons for the support!!! Hail!


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