Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Interview - Blizzard Winter

Blizzard winter it's a recent band from the Lvsitanian Catacombs. If you ask us how their sounds look like, we can say to you that it looks like Dark Funeral or Infernal. They have unleashed their first demo "Imperium" and are about to release a new blasphemy, so we went to talk with them in a messenger multi-session and they answered a few questions about this Blasphemic Horde.
Do us a little presentation about the band.

CT: Well, I guess all started when both me and Lidagon began working on some tracks around the year 2002. Most of time was for fun, with no big deal behind the project. Lidagon already had been in several bands working both as vocalist and guitar player. In 2003, he started to work on the idea of Blizzard Winter. He moved to Ireland with Velpecula and both started working on some songs...for blizzard winter. In mid 2004, I got into the band after an invitation of Lidagon and the current line-up was formed.

Describe us your sound and talk about your influences

CT: Well... I guess we can call it Black Metal and that's all. I guess it's quite inspired by bands like Dissection, Emperor, Marduk, or may I say fast and violent Black Metal but always with a melodic edge to it. I guess those are the biggest musical influences, although we all listen to a high variety of Metal or other types of music.

You have released a demo called Imperium. What can you tell us about it ?

CT: The tracks on Imperium were meant to be released on a split with Vorago (another project I'm into) and Coldblooded, but due to long delays we decided to release those tracks as a demo along with a long rehearsal track that is in fact an older version of "Floresta de Lanças". For this split, we did the lyrics in Portuguese and they have a medieval/feeling to it, something that will not be repeted in the future, these lyrics were made only for this split.
That type of lyrics was made specifically for this release and nothing more. After that, we did a small edition of 50 copies on CDR in a DVD box and are currently waiting for the re-release in tape format.

We know that it will be re-edited, right ?

CT: I fucking honestly hope so! I have plans, the thing is being prepared for almost a year but some dark fatality always seems to get in the way. We hope to get everything fixed with the label very soon

And we also know that a new Blasphemy is being prepared... What can you tell us about this new work ?

CT: Well, the second demo is composed and we actually recorded some songs, and one of them is featured on the first volume of the Metal Legions compilation of Dungeons Records.
The thing is, we aren't satisfied with the sound and decided to re-record it again. Things as usual are getting delayed because I'm not able to record anything right now since I'm not in Portugal.
But about the demo, I guess the material is more varied, with some slower parts, but I guess in an overall analysis, it's more aggressive and powerful.
Lidagon: In some words I can descrive the sound of the next demo Gateways to rebellion has disturbed, fast, agonising, powerful and aggressive.
CT: The lyrics deal with subjects connected with mythology and the cosmos. The themes were explored by Lidagon and Velpecula and then transformed into lyrics by me. I hope that it can be released in the first half of 2007.

So, in the beginning of the year we will see the beast being unleashed.

CT: I FUCKING hope so!!!!!

Now about the underground scene. Tell us what you think about the situation of the Lvsitanian Scene

CT: Some good bands, some awful shit, but overrall, things seem to be getting better. The best bands for me right now are perhaps Pitch Black, Karnak Seti, Hordes of Yore, the mighty Goldenpyre, In Tha Umbra, Corpus Christii.
Lidagon: Honestly I don't have any idea of the Lvsitania scene in the present, but I know they have some goods bands
CT: Well, as for me, there are some underground stuff that I'm into like DOR or Onirik (excellent Black Metal).
The thing is that I'm getting a bit away from the underground metal scene. Some new and interesting names might be missing, but those bands are the ones I like.

What's the meaning of Black metal for you ?

CT: Hum... Black Metal for me at least is a sonic manifestation of freedom towards moral and dogmatic restrictions.
Lidagon: for me is an expression of the Europen culture in the present
CT: Well, I honestly don't like this question. I guess everyone has a different view on it. I couldn't care less about most of the Black Metal nowadays. I rather get into the old stuff and that's it. Fucking tired of Darkthrone clones wannabes.

What do you think about politics and religion?

Lidagon: I don’t speak about politics and religion, Blizzard Winter is apolitic and don’t have religion
CT: Nothing more to be say about it. Blizzard Winter is not a political band. We don't take political sides in our music, only our lives and our lives belong to us.

OK… Then tell us what your plans to the future are.

CT: The priority is to release the second demo. As soon as I get to Portugal again, I'll record the vocals. Meanwhile, both Lidagon and Velpecula will record the guitars. The mixing process should be quick.
We also hope to get the problems with the label fixed and have the first demo re-released!!
Lidagon: and after that we will see What is going to happen, maybe a full album...find new members...we will see
CT: yeah, we need new members!
People, good willing skill musicians that know how to play drums or bass and don't act like shitheads, please contact us at blizzardwinter@hotmail.com
Lidagon: with strong will and full dedication

And you are thinking on doing some live desecrations ?

CT: At this moment, no. The problem is the fact that two members are in Ireland, and I'm very far away from them. And besides... we would need some members to fill the gaps in our line-up

Send your last words, hails and blasphemies to all those who want to know more about Blizzard Winter and for all those o read Infernal Dungeons

CT: Well, got to our website at www.blizzardwinter.cjb.net or visit our myspace at www.myspace.com/blizzardwinter to hear some samples of our sound! Spread the disease!
And thanks for the opportunity of this interview! Good luck with Infernal Dungeons!


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