Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Review HWP028 - 6 way split "Os Seis Caminhos Para A Verdade

Band: V\A
Tittle: 6 Way Split “Os Seis Caminhos para a Verdade”
Label: Hell War Productions
Year: 2006

This is a six way split released by Hell War Productions with six Underground Black Metal bands from Portugal playing the rawest sound right from the pits of hell.

Starting the side A from this 6 way split we have Irae with the track “Guerra”. Irae bring us a real raw black metal hymn fast and real sick. The possessed voices of Vulturius seems like they’re coming right down the pits of hell. Coldness, dirtiness and rawness it’s what we have here in Irae sound… the pure essence of Black Metal.

Then we have the second horde Satanize with the second track called “Ódio”. It’s Raw and real dirty with a Hateful ambiance. It’s freezing and chaotic like all black metal should be.

The third ones are Black Howling with the track called “Honra”. What can we say about the sound of this horde… The sound is mid passed with some real cold riffs and possessed voices and screams. It makes us think like the screams are coming right down from hell… This sound is real intense and depressive.

Starting with the side B of this tape we have Cripta Oculta with the track “Gloria”. Real fast and intense black metal is what we have in this blasphemy to glorify the true Black Metal Warriors. Great vocal presence and powerful riffs in this raw and extreme Black Metal hymn. The music ends in an intense and sad way with some ambient chords and flute sound… In glory…

Then come Mons Veneris with the track called “Sangue”. This only hate, possession and blasphemy. Raw riffs and possessed screams…No beauty no gayness, only intensity and sickness in this misanthropic Black Metal sound… we can’t see humanity in this sound, only hate and sickness come out from this band.

To finish the six way split we have Vermen with the track “Morte”. This sound is really intense, depressive and full of feeling. The sad riffs from the guitars remind us a requiem… Perhaps this is the most intense and sad sound of the six way split. The pain that come out from Vermen sound is to hard to explain. Just listen the sound…

This is a great release from Hell War Prod. That everyone should have… a real hymn to black metal true warriors.


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