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Interview - Nakkiga

Nakkiga is one of the great Black Metal bands from the lost lands of the Northern Iberian soil. They emerged from the ashes of Brutal Devastacion Cerebral in 1999. They practice a Depressive and Melancholic Pagan Black Metal and if you ask us for some influences we can say perhaps Nargaroth, Mutiilation, etc... We went to talk with the Blasphemous Arghura, to know a little more about this excellent band.

Tell us a little about Nakkiga

Aupa!!! Thanks for the interview!!!
Nakkiga born in 1999 from the ashes of Brutal Devastacion Cerebral (a Black Grind band). In the beginning the two members of the band started to compose a Black Death Metal with pagan lyrics. Actually Nakkiga are formed by Oindurth (Drums), Buliwyf (Vocals) and me Arghura (Guitars and bass). We are Unjoli Txabakan Metal!!!!

What are the concepts of your lyrics and describe us your sound.

Our lyrics talk about the pagan themes, but no pagan gods, we are rural men no castle warriors. Generally we use a “Añoranzas y pesares” book in our lyrics, this book contains a lot of anti-human material. Our sound is a very nasty sound. Our music is a mix of Death, Black, Thrash metal music with a few melodies and more noise. We like a lot of Gorgoroth, Nargaroth, Dissection or Arckanum or Mutiilation, we like a mix of these bands.

Nakkiga appeared from the ashes of Brutal Devastacion Cerebral, a Grind Black Metal band... Nowadays Nakkiga has nothing to do with that kind of sound. It's Melancholic, depressive and very intense sound... Are two different bands or you see Nakkiga as an evolution of Brutal Devastacion Cerebral ?

Are two different bands. Nakkiga is not a evolution of BDC, idem members but other inspiration. Thanks for your opinion, we like melancholic feelings. With BDC we can played a grotesque and raw sound but our goals are other themes, bestial music with other feeling, a ancestral feeling, primitive songs, primitive people, RETURN TO THE PRIMITIVE RITES!!!

You had problems with the line up, and used some session musicians to perform live Blasphemies. You had difficulties finding a fixed line up or you it's a choice of yours ?

This is our decision… yes. No more We can’t find other musicians with the same kind of feeling as us. For the live shows we use session musicians (Urgarun of Mortinatum, Mandril of Lúpulo...), but the band areus, recently we add one vocalist in Nakkiga, and at the moment we are preparing new songs and new concerts.

You present your lyrics in Basque, your natural language. You do it with cultural proposes, as well as a form to show how rich is the Basque culture or there are other reasons ?

The language choosen was very easy, Basque language (her name is Euskera) is a very primitive language and it adds a very special feeling in Black Metal, the pronounce is ideal for this kind of music. Other cause is Euskera is dying, few people talk and we like Euskera.

Talk us a little about Spanish Underground Scene.

Good bands, good people… my favorite UG bands are: Xerión (Pagan Black Thrash Metal), Ataxia (Death Metal), Foscor (Dark Black Metal), Omendark (Pagan Black Metal), Crystalmoors (Pagan Melodic Death Metal), Primigenium (Black Metal), Mortinatum (Black Metal), Numen (Pagan Black Death), Ered (Death Black), Impure (Brutal Death), Fermento (Brutal Death), Butronian (Primitive Black Metal), Elffor (Atmosferic Metal)... and more bands. Zines like Mandragora, Bloody zine, Ultimo Abismo, Bleak zine, Difuntos Recientes (Goro rules!!!)... Labels and distros, Black Seed Prod, Nigra Mors & Oniric Rec (RULES!!!), Gorpubelatze prod....

What Black Metal means to you ?

Uhm, my English level is very bad in this question... This music is a gate for my depraved inside and the despicable outside. Is a weapon for the war against the human hypocrisy, for my life stile, hard life style, but we live in a hard world. Sorry I can’t say my opinion well, my English level don’t permit to describe this question well.

Tell us what you think about politic and Religion.

No politics, no religion!!! We are anti politics people, we have our opinion but we don’t share this opinion with anyone about politics, we are antiNS, antiComunist, antihumanreligion. FUCKING SHITH WITH THE POLITICANS!!!

What are your plans for the future ?

At the moment we are preparing 6 new songs and a Centinex cover for the 1º full album. We have recorded 2 song for a split LP, CD and tape with Xerion (Galiza), Black Empire (Mexico), Kratrornas (Filipinas) and us. For the moment this are our plans, we are preparing a lot of the new songs, the new songs are more technique songs but we like noise jejejeje!!!

Last Words, Hails and Blasphemies to all those who want to know more about Nakkiga.

Thanks a lot for your support!!! Sorry with the delay but my english is very bad and the other person faild us (she said that she would translate the interview but didn’t done it).
Support the Fucking Black Metal!!!

Site: http://www.nakkiga.cjb.net/
Email: arghura@yahoo.es
Isma Lopez
70 posta kutxa
01470 Amurrio (Araba)



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