Monday, December 04, 2006

Review - HWP029 - Split Namter\Gaszimmer "Paritur Pax Bello"

Band: Namter\Gaszimmer
Title: Paritur Pax Bello
Label: Hell War Productions
Year: 2006

This Split tape named “Paritur Pax Bello” it’s one of the newest releases from Hell War Productions. This Split tape counts with two Italian Black metal bands, Namter and Gaszimmer”. These two hordes are both Namter projects, member of the extinct horde Apolokia.

In the Side A of the split tape we have Namter with the re-edition of the demo tape from 2004 called “Hostis Humani Generis”, counting with six old school Black Metal songs and a bonus new song called “Dolore è Luce”.
Namter appears with a misanthropic and extreme Black Metal. Raw and harsh riffs of the guitars are combined with the using of samples and keys to create an obscure and chaotic ambience. The voice is really extreme and aggressive, reminding in some parts the voice from Vulturius from the Portuguese band IRAE. Namter hails the Nature with a misanthropic and Satanist ideology. We got lots of feeling and intensity on the sound of this band.

In the Side B we have Gaszimmer with the live recording of the 1999 demo release tracks and a track from the LP version of “Dominazione di Eternita”. Gaszimmer presents an aggressive and fast Black Metal with some militarist influences. This is a real direct and raw sound, there’s nothing pretty in here, just true Black Metal.

We can assure you that this is a masterpiece of two great Black Metal bands and you won’t regret in get one copy of this split tape.


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